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Day Trips Around Chicago – Elmhurst, IL

When planning your next day trip around Chicago, do yourself a favor and add Elmhurst as a possible destination. Elmhurst is a little village with a whole lot to offer, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, it’s sure to have something right up your alley. From unique museums to signature shopping, Elmhurst … Continue reading “Day Trips Around Chicago – Elmhurst, IL”

Is My Parent Safe Living Alone? 4 Signs to Watch For.

The thought of your mom or dad having to uproot from their home and move to an assisted living community can be hard to fathom.  As their son or daughter, seeing your parent as someone who needs assistance can be a difficult shift from your previous view of them. As they were once your caregiver, the idea that they … Continue reading “Is My Parent Safe Living Alone? 4 Signs to Watch For.”

The Best Beaches in Chicago

Chicago, being located in the Upper Midwest, is often not thought of as a beach destination. However, Chicago is home to more quality beaches than you might imagine, and every single one of them has something different to offer. You’ll almost forget that it snows in this city at all after a summer of living it … Continue reading “The Best Beaches in Chicago”

The Top Chicago Golf Courses

When people think of the greatest cities to visit for a spectacular round of golf, Chicago’s oftentimes not even on the list. That’s a terrible shame since Chicago’s not only home to the Bears and the Cubs, but also some of the country’s best public golf courses. In fact, it’s known as the public-golf capitol … Continue reading “The Top Chicago Golf Courses”

Lombard & Elmhurst: Best Chicago Suburbs to Spend Retirement

As retirement approaches, it’s time to start thinking about where the best place for your retirement will be. For those who live in and around Chicago, choosing a suburb to live out their retirement can be a tough choice. After all, there are a lot of options to choose from and each has its own … Continue reading “Lombard & Elmhurst: Best Chicago Suburbs to Spend Retirement”

How to Know When a Lifestyle Change Is Needed

Humans beings are creatures of habit and comfort. From our daily routine to our social circles to our living spaces, many of us tend to thrive when operating from a place of familiarity. This gets tricky as we age and our needs and abilities change. If we hold onto certain habits and spaces, our well-being and … Continue reading “How to Know When a Lifestyle Change Is Needed”

What is Lilac Time In Lombard?

The city of Lombard, Illinois, is home to one of the most unique celebrations you’ll ever find – Lilac Time in Lombard. For over 80 years, the smallish town just outside the bustle of Chicago has been the home of one of the most prized collections of lilacs the world over and has offered these … Continue reading “What is Lilac Time In Lombard?”

Where to Eat in Elmhurst – The Best Restaurants

One of the highlights of a visit to the Greater Chicago area is the incredible dining experiences available. Elmhurst, Illinois, is no different. It has its own unique eateries and establishments hailed by the citizenry as the best restaurants in the world. To be fair, we all feel that way about our hometown restaurants, and … Continue reading “Where to Eat in Elmhurst – The Best Restaurants”

9 Scams Targeting Senior Citizens

For most of us, the senior years are the time of life when we can retire and enjoy time with our families, friends and hobbies. Unfortunately, senior citizens are a favorite target of scammers who are eager to disrupt a senior’s financial and emotional well-being. Senior citizens tend to have a pension, excellent credit, and … Continue reading “9 Scams Targeting Senior Citizens”

The Advantages of Living Near A Big City Like Chicago

There are real advantages to living near a major American city like Chicago. A city this size has things to offer you would never find in smaller towns and possibly not even in the largest cities in other states; unless you live outside New York City or Los Angeles. Even then, you would be hard-pressed … Continue reading “The Advantages of Living Near A Big City Like Chicago”