Superheroes at Lexington Square

“By definition, a superhero is a person who does heroic deeds for the greater good; someone who has abilities surpassing those of ‘normal people,’” said Dan Harrington, vice president of senior living for Lexington Health Network. “Our staffs at Lexington Square Lombard and Lexington Square Elmhurst personify superheroes every day of the year, so it […]

Seize The Day – And Turn It Into A Celebration!

 Featured articles April 02, 2021  The word “celebration” conjures up images of fun, festive occasions with friends and family featuring delicious food, upbeat music, and plenty of joy and laughter. While the past year may have curtailed big parties and gatherings, every day still offers a reason to celebrate the joys of life, with hundreds of opportunities ranging […]

Lexington Square Proves Best Decision

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 Featured articles  Senior Lifestyle April 01, 2021  “I’m happy I’m here and my kids are happy I’m here,” said Larry Gage. The resident of Lexington Square in Lombard has lived at the senior living community for the past 11 years. Prior to that he was a resident of Wheaton for 50 years. Gage explained that he investigated […]

Pi Day is Pie Day at Lexington Square Senior Living

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 Featured articles March 16, 2021  If there’s any random or whimsical cause for celebration on the calendar, it’s likely there’s a party in-store.  The staff at Lexington Square senior living communities in Lombard and Elmhurst break out the balloons, decorations, and most importantly, treats for the residents on countless holidays, including (but not limited to) National Empanada […]

The Great Resurgence of Snail Mail!

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 Caregivers & Families  Senior Lifestyle March 15, 2021  In this age of emails, text messages and social media, there is something uniquely appealing about opening the mailbox to find a letter or card from a loved one – so it’s no wonder more and more people have turned to “snail mail” to connect with one another during the pandemic. […]

Employee Appreciation

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The past 12 months have cultivated a new appreciation for the crucial role that healthcare staff and other essential employees play in our society, and National Employee Appreciation Day – which this year falls on Friday, March 5 – is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for everything they do. According to the U.S. Census […]

Recipe Roundup Supports Northern Illinois Food Bank

In a new venture, Lexington Square Lombard and Elmhurst senior living communities are sharing meaningful family recipes with a philanthropic ingredient. The vibrant retirement communities are hosting Come Hungry, a marketing initiative that will broadcast trendy cooking demos throughout the coming year. “Foodie programming is very popular right now, so we decided late last year […]

Going From Bored to Board Games

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Many Americans have turned to board games to stay engaged and keep busy during the pandemic, and chess in particular has seen a massive surge in popularity recently thanks to a wildly popular streaming series. With its quick setup, relatively simple beginner rules, wide availability of online tutorials and variety of apps for virtual play, […]

Residents Find Great Love Twice

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As seen in Chicago Tribune Prime Time They found great love, not once, but twice. Terry (93) and Ben (92) VanderNaald, who have been married for 32 years, were both previously in happy marriages. Terry lost her first husband suddenly when he was 58; Ben lost his first wife after a long struggle with cancer when […]

Employees Are Highly Valued at Lexington Square Senior Living Communities

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Suzie Herrera of Northlake has been shown that she’s highly valued, and she knows that the sky’s the limit. Over the course of five years, the employee of Lexington Square senior living community in Lombard has been promoted twice. Most recently, a new position’s been created for her. “Our employees are, without question, our greatest […]