Dive Right In – It’s Good For You!

Talking about going down to the pool can conjure up childhood memories of bright, humid summer days spent splashing with friends, testing one’s bravery on the diving board and water slides, and floating without a care in the world until the sun began to go down.  While swimming continues to hold the same carefree appeal […]

Lexington Square in Elmhurst’s Very Own Plant Doctor

She enters the room greeting her ‘patients’ with kind words, music, and, in all likelihood, a dollop or two of water. Arlene Iverson is the resident plant doctor at Lexington Square senior living community in Elmhurst. With a lifelong passion for all things green and growing (or trying to grow), Iverson is directing her proclivity […]

Benefits of Technology for Seniors – Part 2

“Mr. Watson, come here. I want you.” When Alexander Graham Bell uttered those words in 1876 to his assistant over the device he had just invented, it is doubtful he could have even begun to envision the telephone’s amazing evolution over the next century and a half – or all of the other technology that […]

Program Educates Seniors About Advance Directives

Photo (from left to right): Pam Graffagna, sales counselor at Lexington Square Elmhurst, Paul Ninnemann, social worker for Lexington Hospice, and Harriet Goldberg, senior director of strategic growth with Lexington Health Network The difficulty of a topic sometimes delays a discussion despite its importance.  Such is the case when it comes to talking about advance […]

Technology To Keep Seniors Connected

“Alexa, what’s the weather forecast for tomorrow?” “Siri, find a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies – oh, and add raisins to my grocery list.”  Twenty years ago these may have been questions posed to a friend or loved one sitting in the next room, but now most of us would recognize them as queries to […]

Lexington Square Senior Living Communities Launch Lex and Learn Series

Lexington Square Senior Living Communities Launch Lex and Learn Series Home sales are happening at a frantic pace, and if you are in the game, it probably feels like the child’s game of musical chairs.  We hear and see stories of homes sold for well over their asking price throughout the country, and bidding wars […]

Advance Planning for Care – and Peace of Mind

You’re about to take the trip of a lifetime, and you’ve got an extensive list of sights to see and experiences to pursue while you’re there. You’ve purchased your tickets, packed comfortable clothes and shoes, and sent a copy of your itinerary to loved ones. You know that thoughtful planning is key to enjoying what […]

Cultivate Joy in the garden

In the beloved classic children’s novel “The Secret Garden,” a recently orphaned young girl and her cousin – who was thought to be unable to walk – heal emotionally and physically as they work together to cultivate a previously locked and neglected garden on the old English estate they call home. While the 110-year-old story […]