Health & Wellness
September 25, 2019
How Community Involvement Helps Seniors Stay Healthy

Seniors, especially those who are past retirement age, often experience difficulties in finding opportunities to interact socially on a daily basis. After a while, this lack of socialization can lead to feelings of isolation and lack of self-worth. It’s important for everyone, but especially seniors, to look for opportunities to…

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Senior Lifestyle
September 10, 2019
Why Our Senior Years Are the Perfect Time for an Adventure

The purpose of life is to live it, with the luckiest among us uncovering the secrets to living it to its fullest. Throughout our lives, we have opportunities to explore the unknown and come face to face with new, richer experiences. For seniors, who often have the advantage of more…

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How To Declutter Without Saying Goodbye to Everything You Love
Senior Lifestyle
August 25, 2019

Transitioning into an independent living or assisted living environment can be a difficult time. Letting go of a houseful of a lifetime of memories is never easy. Decluttering and deciding what to keep and what to say goodbye to is one of the most difficult challenges of the transitioning process. …

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5 Foods That Are Known For Making Arthritic Symptoms Worse
Health & Wellness
August 05, 2019

Arthritis, and the inflammation that comes with it, is a painful condition that can become severe enough to affect a person’s quality of life. There are several different types of arthritis, including rheumatoid, osteoarthritis, and psoriatic – each presenting with painful and sometimes debilitating joint inflammation.  The root cause of…

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When to Make the Transition From Independent Living to Assisted Living
Assisted Living
July 19, 2019

As a parent, grandparent or loved one ages, there may come a time when you begin to wonder whether they’re physically, emotionally and mentally capable to independently care for themselves. This can be an incredibly difficult time for everyone as the loved one may resist change in an attempt to…

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What to Look for in an Independent Living Community
Independent Living
July 05, 2019

Making a move to an independent living facility is a monumental decision for everyone involved. It’s often a time of transition and adjustment, but it should also be one filled with excitement about the next phase of life and the adventures it brings.  There are of course, a number of…

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