November 20, 2020

With its gorgeous, dramatic early-evening sunsets, leaves changing to glorious rich hues, cool breezes hinting of snows to come, and Thanksgiving holiday dedicated to celebrating blessings and bounty, fall is the perfect time of year to slow down and reflect on everything for which we are grateful. Not only does…

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November 11, 2020
A Sincere Thank You to Those Who Have Served

Courage. Honor. Sacrifice. These are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking about the brave men and women who have served our country in the armed forces and defended our freedom, and Veterans Day is a wonderful opportunity to show them our appreciation. Americans recognize…

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A Guide to Spiritual Wellness for Seniors
Health & Wellness
June 15, 2020

Being well requires you to approach your health from a multitude of angles: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational, financial, environmental and spiritual. Most of these dimensions of wellness are self-explanatory, but many people wonder, “What is spiritual wellness?” Since spirituality is such a metaphysical concept and requires deep introspection, it…

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How to Use Technology to Choose a Senior Living Community
Caregivers & Families
June 02, 2020

If you’re choosing a senior living community, the stay-at-home order doesn’t have to put a pause on your process. Seniors and technology are no strangers these days; there are many ways you can still research, explore, and even decide on a senior living community to call home. All you need…

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What to Look for in an Independent Living Floor Plan
Finances & Planning
May 26, 2020

When comparing senior independent living floor plans, there are things to consider that weren’t an issue when you were apartment hunting earlier in life. Fortunately, senior living communities offer a variety of independent living floor plans. This post will tell you how to choose a floor plan based on your…

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When Should You Be Concerned About a Senior’s Memory Loss?
Caregivers & Families
May 22, 2020

Being forgetful or “slipping” in eyesight, hearing or memory is often associated with aging. “Oh, I’m just getting old,” your senior loved one remarks. But because those attributes are so often stereotyped as “just getting old,” it can be difficult to know when to be concerned about memory loss. Because…

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