10 Tips to Make a Smaller Space Feel Big

March 11, 2020

Moving into a smaller space doesn’t have to be a sacrifice. A one-bedroom apartment can sound like a daunting space to negotiate, but think of it as a fun challenge: You get to decorate a new space in your independent living apartment and decide which of your belongings truly have value to you, or as Marie Kondo says, spark joy. We put together some decorating tips for small spaces, so you know what to think about as you pack and prepare for your move to independent living.

Tip #1: Use a few lamps. Get a standing lamp and a couple of table lamps, and spread them out evenly throughout the space, so you’re distributing light rather than having it come from one overhead source.

Tip #2: Use Mirrors. Mirrors work as an optical illusion, reflecting the space itself to make it feel bigger. They also look high-end, and serve a purpose. Try incorporating a large, full-length mirror onto one wall, and place a few other mirrors here and there on the walls.

Tip #3: White space. Dark walls, large pieces of fabric like a bedspread or a couch, and dark heavy curtains can make a space feel smaller. Opt for light-colored linens. Leave some empty space on the walls. Think light, airy, beach house vibes.

Tip #4: Create contrast. On the contrary, very dark colors, when used in moderation, can provide depth and create the illusion of the space being larger when in contrast with the white spaces.

Tip #5: Use multifunctional furniture and containers. Make a trip to the container store and invest in some inconspicuous storage. You can create extra storage by stowing things under the bed, inside an ottoman, or in cubbies in the walls.

Tip #6: Replace solid doors with glass. This goes for cabinets as well as French doors. If you have some simple, white, light-colored or glass dishware, try replacing your kitchen cabinets with frosted glass to open up the eye-level areas of the room. Maybe replace closet doors or doors to other rooms in your independent living apartment with French doors.

Tip #7: Hang floor-to-ceiling curtains. Long curtains pushed to the sides of the windows will make ceilings feel taller. Get some sheer white curtains to go underneath for some privacy during the daytime. Vertical stripes tend to have the same effect.

Tip #8: Cut down on clutter. Rather than decorating with many small knick-knacks and keepsakes that can make a room feel cluttered, use larger pieces of art to spruce up your space.

Tip #9: Use an area rug. Big rugs are wide-ranging, double as art, and can create the illusion of more floor space.

Tip #10: Choose large pieces of statement furniture instead of smaller pieces of furniture. The less clutter, the better. Go for a sectional couch rather than a couple of smaller pieces.

In general, go for larger pieces of furniture, art and fabrics, and remember that less is more. Opt for light colors, minimize the clutter as much as possible, and think wide-open spaces. When you’re moving into a smaller space, you have the opportunity to assess your inventory of possessions, really consider what’s important to you, and then bring those things into a new space where you have the chance to start fresh and keep it simple. At Lexington Square, we want you to feel right at home, so you’re welcome to customize your space however you please to make it fit your needs.

Start thinking about how you’ll decorate your new home at Lexington Square. Check out our independent living floor plans to envision how you’ll incorporate our decorating tips for small spaces.

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