3 Easter Celebration Ideas for Seniors

March 17, 2015

If you are in charge of organizing Easter activities for seniors, you will be happy to know activities abound when it comes to observing this special time. Whether sacred or secular, there’s a celebration that’s guaranteed to appeal to everyone – including seniors. Here are a few suggestions for marking this holiday, the ultimate symbol of renewal and resurrection.

Religious-themed remembrances

There are a number of simple yet powerful gestures that seniors are certain appreciate during the Easter season. For example, give the senior an Easter lily (a symbol of hope and life). Giving seeds or planting flowers with the senior are other options. Candles, associated with new life and rebirth, can also be lit. Of course, many seniors love to go to a church service, especially from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

Arts and crafts

Easter-egg decorating is not just for the young. Seniors can also color designs on eggs, or use plastic eggs to which they add stickers or glitter glue and place candy inside. Once the eggs have been colored, they can be donated to a preschool or community organization for a children’s Easter egg hunt. Making Easter baskets, and baking and sharing Easter cookies, are other ways to celebrate the season.

Games to play

Decorating eggs isn’t the only focal point of an Easter celebration. Seniors could get a big kick out of gatherings or parties devoted to playing Easter-related games. Try your hand at making and coordinating the following games:

  • Easter Bible Bingo: Play with bingo squares pre-filled with biblical Easter words like “Jesus,” “cross” and “resurrection.”
  • Easter Picture Bingo: Compete against others by using bingo cards and calling card with pictures.
  • Easter Guess: Guess how many candies are in a bowl.
  • Candy Rhyme Time: Answer a clue, then match a rhyming candy to it.
  • Peter Cottontail Song Lyrics: Fill in the lyrics of this classic Easter song on a sheet, then sing along.

Potluck gathering

We all know the most important of aspect of a potluck is to make sure everyone brings a covered dish, but a number of other considerations are required to ensure its success. It is sometimes difficult to find a place to host a large gathering. A church, fire hall, or for those who live in warmer climates, a park, are great locations for a potluck gathering. Spring-themed decorations and traditional activities like coloring eggs or an Easter egg hunt are also a nice touch.

Talent showcase

Mark the occasion with a talent show with an Easter theme. Request performers who plan to sing or recite poems to stick to singing Easter hymns or reading works about spring. The performance and guest lists can include anyone from the seniors who will enjoy the show to community members. Schools, clubs, and religious organizations are also sources of volunteer performers.

Regardless of a senior’s background or traditions, Easter-themed remembrances and celebrations provide ideal opportunities to welcome the arrival of spring.

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