3 Key Things to Know About Assisted Living

February 09, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Evidence about the merits of assisted living communities continues to mount. Two studies about the industry’s cost effectiveness and low staff turnover illustrate the positive role assisted living communities play in cities and towns across the country.

Cold facts, warm assessments

friendsThose who are unfamiliar with assisted living can easily access all kinds of information from many sources. But perhaps the best source of information is the people who benefit from these residential settings. The Chicago-area residents of Lexington Square, and their loved ones, know all about its many attributes and amenities (more about those shortly). But the residents’ family members can also enlighten you about what makes their senior parents’ community apart from others:

  • “We could tell you have really made it a priority to get to know mom. You went out of your way to find out about her family history and what she had enjoyed doing when she lived at home. You encouraged her to take part in activities and made sure that she felt safe and secure.”
  • “I must tell you that I was very impressed with the Lexington facility yesterday, but, more importantly, with the response, attentiveness and interest of all of the staff. Very impressive.”

Life at Lexington Square

According to the Assisted Living Facilities.org, there are more than 31,000 assisted living communities across the country that serve nearly 1 million seniors. A relatively new concept just a few decades ago, assisted living is now the most preferred and fastest growing long-term care option for seniors.

One such example is Lexington Square, located in Elmhurst and Lombard. Lexington Square is licensed to provide Assisted Living to seniors who should not – or prefer not to – live by themselves. Our caring, dedicated and skilled health care professionals are adept at customizing each resident’s care program. These exceptional professionals develop genuine relationships with residents, which enable them to deliver comprehensive care.

Other amenities include common areas, fine dining rooms, a swimming pool, a library, a walking path, and surrounding communities filled with popular shops and restaurants.

Another defining aspect of life at Lexington Square is the focus on seniors with dementia. Specialists with Memory Training Centers of America, or MTCA work with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Resident partners and nurses who work in the community are trained to support and understand the unique challenges some of seniors face.

Best Friends Approach

Senior Woman In Discussion With Health Visitor At Home
Senior Woman In Discussion With Health Visitor At Home

At Lexington Square, our caring staff members are more than merely employees. They are trained to treat all residents and patients as friends. This person-centered concept of care is known as The Best Friends Approach Its goal: employing specialized techniques and communication strategies that make it possible to deliver care that enhances a person’s well-being, maintains dignity and enriches his or her life.

No two assisted living communities are alike, so it’s critical to assess each option with your specific needs and wants in mind.

For more information on assisted living, download our free Assisted Living Guide to learn more.
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