7 Things You Might Not Know About Assisted Living

August 22, 2018

When educating folks about what exactly an assisted living community offers, it’s necessary to dispel a number of myths and assumptions. Below are 7 things you might not know about senior living communities.

An Assisted Living Community is Not the Same as a Skilled Nursing Facility

A Skilled Nursing Facility tends to be what people envision when they hear the term “assisted living community.” Skilled Nursing provides 24/7 care to high-need residents. People often enter Skilled Nursing after receiving full-time, at-home care by a nurse or family member. In an assisted living community, “assistance” is the key word. Residents are largely independent, with aid provided as needed for activities of daily living (ADL), such as cooking, cleaning, and dressing.

Schedules are Resident-Driven

The independence inherent in an assisted living community means that residents keep their own schedules. There are activities, outings, and volunteer opportunities, but residents choose whether or not to participate.

Residents Don’t Live in Isolation

This diverse event calendar comes as a surprise to many assisted living residents. Thanks to the assistance they receive, many residents find themselves more active and engaged than they have been in years, taking up new hobbies and making new friends.

Diverse Dietary Needs Are Accommodated

When contemplating the move to an assisted living community, folks often dwell on the things they think they’ll have to give up. For those who keep a strict diet, they fear having to abandon these dietary guidelines. But diverse meals are all available in assisted living.  

Communities Have a Unique Look and Feel

Another sacrifice incoming assisted living residents typically imagine they’ll have to make is giving up a unique, stylish living environment. Coming from homes they’ve crafted and curated for years or decades, the idea of moving to an assisted living building can cause hesitation. However, assisted living communities embrace a variety of designs. Some favor a clean, modern design, others offer a contemporary, artistic style. Communities exist in cities, suburbs, and the countryside.

Specialized Services are Provided

Again, contrary to popular belief, assisted living communities are not one-size-fits-all. Alzheimer’s and dementia care, physical therapy, and other forms of patient-specific care are provided.

Assisted Living Can be Affordable

This is the big hurdle folks often imagine they’ll have to face: exorbitantly high costs for assisted living. However, assisted living communities are often cheaper than skilled nursing or home healthcare. Additionally, there are an increasing number of options for mitigating the cost of assisted living, such as long-term care insurance and Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits for veterans and their spouses.

Assisted Living in Elmhurst, IL

Here at Lexington Square, we work hard to shed light on the tremendous benefits that come from making the move to an assisted living community. Contact us today for more information about assisted living in Elmhurst, IL.

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