9 Amenities All Senior Assisted Living Facilities Must Have

April 26, 2016

Why did you decide to make the transition to a senior assisted living facility? Sure, you may need help with everyday activities like bathing, dressing and medication. You may also run into trouble with tasks like cooking meals and keeping the house clean. While these things are no doubt important, your happiness reigns supreme. Access to a diverse range of amenities is crucial for long-term contentment.

Friendly Community

More than just an assisted living facility, senior housing should consist of a friendly, comfortable and safe community. From cafes and markets to beauty salons and barber shops, everything you need for an enriched life should be at your fingertips.

Made-to-Order Meals

Who wants to spend their golden years sweltering in front of a hot stove? Ditch the pots and pans in favor of restaurant-style fine dining. Mouthwatering, made-to-order meals from a varied menu are served in a community dining room.

Active Opportunities

Even if you can’t get around the way you used to, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an active community setting. Join friends on special outings, participate in in-house activities, soak in the heated swimming pool, or test your luck in the game room.

Hobby Classes


Sing, knit, read, dine, or play. The choice is up to you. What fun is retirement if you don’t stay active? Participate in hobbies that you enjoy, whether it’s a simple game of chess or the development of a beautiful garden.

Round-the-Clock Staff

Knowing people who care about your health and safety are just a call away provides comfort and peace of mind. Need help getting to the bathroom at 2 AM? No problem. Just know that someone is there whenever you need them.

On-Site Security 24/7

Security is of the utmost importance to many seniors. Spend your retirement feeling safe and secure in a private community with access to essentials like emergency response and fire protection systems.


Need a ride to your doctor’s appointment? Want to join a group of friends on a trip to the local museum? Transportation is readily available to make life a breeze.

On-Site Medical Staff

You never know when you’re going to need medical assistance. Having on-site medical staff is both convenient and critical for fast advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Housekeeping Services

Don’t spend your retirement pulling weeds, doing laundry and vacuuming floors. You deserve to relax. Housekeeping services are a must if you want to truly enjoy your days in a senior living facility.

Senior amenities like tasty grub, special outings and round-the-clock staffing make life at a senior assisted living facility rich and pleasurable.

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