Amazon Sends Avid Reader at Lexington Square Elmhurst Congratulatory Gift

January 19, 2021

An official from the world’s largest online retailer took time to acknowledge and honor a local senior’s accomplishment. The public relations department at Amazon, the multinational e-commerce conglomerate, learned that a resident of Lexington Square senior living in Elmhurst had spent the pandemic pursuing her favorite hobby. A self-professed voracious reader, the 88-year-old was happy to remain safely within her beautiful apartment, reading. As of October, she had read 200 books.

Impressed by her accomplishment, Amazon sent Halas congratulatory gifts, including a cozy throw blanket for winter reading, several reading lights, and a beautiful bookmark. Stating that they wanted to help bring a smile to Joan’s face, the public relations official with Amazon remarked, “Thank you for passing along her story. It’s an incredible feat, and one that is going to push me to tackle even more books in the new year.”

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