15 of the Best Breweries in Chicago Offering Pickup and Delivery During COVID-19

April 06, 2020

Sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic doesn’t mean craft beer lovers have to put their favorite hobby on hold. Many Chicago breweries are currently offering delivery or curbside pickup, so you can still try new beers, keep your tried and true favorites in stock, and even send some to family and friends as a nice gesture during an unusual time, all from the comfort of your home. Let’s explore some of the best breweries in Chicago offering this incredible service we’re calling “Pandemic Precaution” for the public. Keep these Chicago breweries in mind for when you’re able to visit them with friends or family, or plan a group excursion with your fellow residents.

a variety of beer samples

  1. Elmhurst Brewing Co. Created to make a name for Elmhurst in the world of craft breweries, this brewery offers a wide variety of beer styles. From classic German styles like a Helles Lager and a Kölsch to IPAs spanning from coast to coast, there’s something for everyone.
    • Beer to Try: Free the IPL, a unique beer for adventurous palates. IPL = India Pale Lager, brewed like a Pilsner and dry hopped with a rare Austrian hop named Malling and Japanese Sorachi Ace hops. A brew to catch the attention of any beer enthusiast.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering curbside pickup and delivery for their food, beer, bottles of wine and canned cider, as long as you live in Elmhurst. Check their website for delivery hours.
    • Location: 171 N. Addison Avenue, Elmhurst, IL 60126
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 18 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 11 min.

2. Noon Whistle Brewing. This brewery operates on a philosophy derived from Marquette, Wisconsin, that says the first beer of the day is to be had at noon. Their brewing schedule follows. They offer a wide variety of unique beers – a whole suite of hazy IPAs sure to satisfy the New England-style IPA lovers, plus barrel-aged beers, collaboration beers, and even their very own hard seltzer.

    • Beer to Try: Sticky Gummy. One of 22 beers in their Hazy IPA “Gummy” series, this triple dry-hopped NE IPA uses Galaxy and Mosaic hops to create pronounced citrus aromas and tropical flavors of papaya, passionfruit and tangerine. It’s big, juicy and floral. 
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re filling to-go orders seven days a week. You can call to place your order or order online.
    • Location: 800 E. Roosevelt Road, Lombard, IL 60148
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 7 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 7 min.

3. MORE Brewing Company. Everything about this brewery is beautiful, from the wood and stone building itself to its delicious food and beer offerings. Its unique and handcrafted beer comes in a colorful array of styles.

    • Beer to Try: Hush of Night: Chocolate City. A sweet milk stout, higher in ABV than your typical milk stout at 7.5%, it’s the “little sibling” to their imperial milk stout. It’s brewed with “Chocolate City” coffee beans from Dark Matter Coffee, another Chi-Town staple. A delectable beer sure to warm you up, to be enjoyed like a dessert.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering curbside pickup and delivery of food and beer to people within 7 miles of their Villa Park location.
    • Location: 126 S. Villa Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 14 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 7 min.

4. Mikerphone Brewing. This brewery is inspired by music, so many of their beer names play on songs, artists and album names.

    • Beer to Try: MEOW, MEOW, MEOW-MEOW, MEOW-MEOW is a double-dry-hopped pale ale with Simcoe hops. You can order a 32 oz. “howler” of it on draft and pick it up to-go.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering to-go orders on beer and merchandise  Wednesday through Sunday.
    • Location: 121 Garlisch Drive, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 22 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 22 min.

5. Phase Three Brewing Company. This brewery’s vision for their beer is “to be a companion for celebrating life’s ordinary to extraordinary moments.”

    • Beer to Try: Blueberry Chantilly, a milkshake IPA (meaning it’s brewed using lactose) with vanilla and blueberry and Mosaic hops.
    • Pandemic Precaution: Orders must be placed online and picked up curbside at the brewery.
    • Location: 932 Donata Court, Lake Zurich, IL 60047
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 35 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 37 min.

6. Pipeworks. Known for its distinctive beers and original packaging artwork, this is one of the most unique Chicago craft breweries. They have a bottle shop where you can go to check out their awesome can art, but know that it’s only a bottle shop, not a taproom.

    • Beer to Try: Ninja vs Unicorn, a double IPA brewed with 5 lbs. of hops per barrel.
    • Pandemic Precaution: Contactless curbside pickup. Pre-order through the link on their website, then pick it up at their production facility and bottle shop.
    • Location of Production Facility/Bottle Shop: 3912 W. McLean Avenue
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 43 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 34 min.

7. Lagunitas Brewing Company Chicago. Native to Northern California, Lagunitas is a widely distributing brewery known for its IPA. Lucky for us, we have the only brewpub east of the Rockies right here in Chicagoland.

    • Beer to Try: The IPA, of course! Well-rounded and highly drinkable IPA, with caramel malt barley, which provides richness to mellow out the twang of the hops.
    • Pandemic Precaution: Temporarily closed, but you can find their beer in almost any liquor store.
    • Location: 2607 W. 17th Street 
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 33 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 27 min.

8. Maplewood Brewery & Distillery. “For Good Folks Everywhere,” this brewery also distills spirits. Enjoy a glass in their lounge, a neighborhood bar, cocktail bar, and brewery taproom all in one.

    • Beer to Try: Son of Juice, a hazy, juicy, low-bitterness IPA bursting with tropical fruit.
    • Pandemic Precaution: Beer and spirits pickup at the lounge, available seven days a week from 12-7 p.m. Place an order on their website and it will be fulfilled within one hour of purchase.
    • Location: 2717 N. Maplewood Avenue 
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 40 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 35 min.

9. Goose Island. One of the most integral breweries enriching the cultural landscape of Chicago, Goose Island began here, and now has two brewhouses in Chicago offering some of the best Chicago brewery tours. It also has a more formal Barrel House in Chicago, a brewery in Philly, and five international breweries. Goose Island is certainly one of the world’s leaders in beer.

      • Beer to Try: 312 Wheat, a bright, lemony, and a bit hazy “urban wheat ale.” It’s low in alcohol content and with its crisp, fruity, smooth and creamy flavors, it’s downright refreshing.
      • Pandemic Precaution: Place a scheduled order on their website and pick it up at either location. You can also pick up food from the Clybourn location.
      • Location of Fulton Brewhouse: 1800 W. Fulton Street
        • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 34 min.
        • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 25 min.
      • Location of Clybourn Brewhouse: 1800 N. Clybourn Avenue 
        • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 39 min.
        • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 34 min.

10. Off Color Brewing. Self-proclaimed “extra fancy,” this brewery is known for their wacky beer offerings. Check out their taproom, the Mousetrap, enjoy their beer garden, and delight in the company of one of their off-color tour guides on a unique Chicago brewery tour.

    • Beer to Try: Apex Predator, a hazy, golden farmhouse ale.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering beer delivery AND pickup. Order through their website.
    • Location: 935 W. Blackhawk
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 33 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 26 min.

11. On Tour Brewing Company. This newer brewery “celebrates life’s understated, casually significant, yet fleeting moments,” a sentiment reflected in their taproom, among their staff, and in their beer itself.

    • Beer to Try: Spectator, their award-winning doppelbock. It showcases strong aromas and flavors of dark-sweet maltiness and toasted bread with a slight hint of chocolate.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering FREE delivery with a minimum purchase of $30 from now until at least April 7. See their website for specific delivery hours and to place an order.
    • Location: 1725 W. Hubbard Street 
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 30 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 23 min.

12. Metropolitan Brewing. This dynamic and modern brewery and taproom is positioned right on the Chicago river; its taproom has floor-to-ceiling windows, so you can enjoy a pint with a view.

    • Beer to Try: Krankshaft, their flagship brew, is an easy-drinking, smooth and accessible  Kölsch.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering to-go beer from their taproom, where you can get your growler filled. Or you can order online for curbside pickup. See their website for specific hours of operation.
    • Location: 3057 N. Rockwell Street
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 37 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 29 min.

13. Half Acre Beer Company. Whether you enjoy an expertly crafted timeless classic of a beer style, like a pilsner or a pale ale, or a wild, out-there beer, like a funky sour or a fruit-infused beer, Half Acre has a brew to suit your palate. Half Acre has two breweries in Chicago, the original on Lincoln Avenue, and another on Balmoral, which has an outdoor beer garden. 

    • Beer to Try: Peach Fruit Truck, a barrel fermented blonde beer with peaches from Michigan, vanilla and summertime stone fruit. It’s part of a collection of “Fruit Truck brews,” which are all single-barrel, fresh fruited offerings available only in their taprooms.
    • Pandemic Precaution: You can pick up beer and burritos from Half Acre curbside from either location, just order online.
      • Location of Lincoln Ave. Brewery: 4257 N. Lincoln Avenue
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 41 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 37 min.
    • Location of Balmoral Brewery: 2050 W. Balmoral Avenue 
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 44 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 40 min.

14. Revolution Brewing. Illinois’ largest independently owned brewery, they boast “bigger flavors, more variety, and better beer.” 

    • Beer to Try: Anti-Hero, their flagship IPA. Supremely aromatic, crisp and drinkable, its clean bitterness imparts massive floral and citrus aromas.
    • Pandemic Precaution: They’re offering curbside beer pickup service at their Taproom location only. Read their website for details and instructions on how to order.
    • Location of Tap Room: 3340 N. Kedzie Avenue 
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 33 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 29 min.

15. Marz Community Brewing Co. This delightfully abstract artistic company makes a spectrum of beer styles from experimental ales to session beers to delectable stouts. Their taproom welcomes people from all walks of life; if you visit, they’ll say, “What’s Marz is yours.”

    • Beer to Try: Dillinerweiss, a Berliner Weisse style beer with dill pickle and red pepper flakes. Designed to accompany exquisite meats, its tart and sour flavor pairs well with other sharp flavors.
    • Pandemic Precaution: You can have beer delivered to your home if you order one case or more. Or, you can pick up beer curbside or in-store. Visit their website for more details.
    • Location: 3630 S. Iron Street
      • Distance from Lexington Square Lombard: 39 min.
      • Distance from Lexington Square Elmhurst: 30 min.

downtown chicago overlooking the chicago river

In a city like Chi-Town, you’re bound to find a brewery that’s a match for your beer preferences and your personality. And in a time where it’s not possible to be at these breweries in person, luckily they’ve adapted to accommodate us. We have a unique opportunity to support their businesses by continuing to be consumers during times of uncertainty, even if that means adjusting our means of consumption. You can still participate in a bottle-trade with friends by sending beer in the mail or leaving it on their doorstep. There are many ways to join in the camaraderie that comes with being a beer lover by bonding over your fondness for craft brews … it’s just time to get creative about how we do it.

At Lexington Square, your independence and unique lifestyle needs are the foundation of our services. We offer an environment that encourages your own exploration and individuality, so you can continue living the life you’ve always loved, with the added security and peace of mind that you’ll always have the services you need, right here in our community.  Learn more about independent living at Lexington Square and start picturing what your life here could look like.

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