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Best Hobbies for Seniors

By Lexington Squares | October 6, 2017
Best Hobbies for Seniors

Someone once said, “If you snooze, you lose.” These days, more and more seniors are ditching interminable periods of inactivity for eclectic forms of engagement. They embrace hobbies, rather than shun them.

Benefits of hobbies

For seniors looking to add purpose and enjoyment to their lives, hobbies are an ideal means to an end. According to Core Medical Group, hobbies offer five major benefits:

  • They can lead to new friendships.
  • They give you something to talk about.
  • They encourage you to take a break.
  • They challenge you.
  • They can improve your memory.

Hobbies also play a role in seniors’ physical health. For example, according to ​, their merits include:

  • Enhancing the immune system
  • Improving flexibility
  • Reducing stress
  • Bolstering sleep quality

Popular ways to pass the time

There, undoubtedly, is a hobby that relates to every talent and fits every temperament. According to ​,, and, here are six hobbies that seniors particularly favor:

1. Antiquing

Antiquing can give seniors an opportunity to use their historical interests and knowledge in order to spot valuable antiques, collect them, and even make some money. Antiquing is a great hobby to share with friends or to do alone, to beautify your house or build into a side business.

2. Arts and crafts

Perhaps you’ve quilted all your life but haven’t picked up a paintbrush since grade school art. Or maybe you’ve never ready to try something new, such as pottery, basket weaving or woodworking – an activity that residents of Lexington Square can engage in.

3. Computer and Internet use

Learning to use a computer and the Internet, or improving on these skills, is an ideal way to spend a few hours. Residents at Lexington Square have access to a library as well as computer workstations where they can easily connect to the Internet.

4. Golf

While not as physically demanding as many other sports, it provides a great opportunity for low-impact cardio exercise – and helps improve coordination. It can be enjoyed solo or in a group.

5. Fishing

Something about the slow, relaxing pace of fishing, the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful natural setting by a lake, stream or river, and the excitement of catching a fish makes it an ideal hobby for anyone looking to relax. Fishing can provide plenty of opportunity for exercise as well as relaxation – and it’s a great hobby for seniors, either on their own or with friends and family. It’s especially fun with a grandchild or two in tow.

6. Swimming

Taking a dip in a lake or ocean outdoors or swimming laps indoors (one of the amenities that residents at Lexington Square can enjoy in a heated pool) is a daily routine for some, and both provide a cardio workout and a chance to just wake up and refresh the mind and body.

Thanks to an ever-expanding repertoire of hobbies, seniors can tap into their inner athlete/child/explorer/ like never before.

For more information on senior care, download “5 Ways to Stay Active.”


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