When Is the Best Time to Transition a Loved One to a Senior Living Community?

As you contemplate helping your loved one to move into a senior living community, the goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible. One question we get frequently here at Lexington Square is “What’s the best time of year to make the move?” The truth is, when you look at the calendar, there are pros and cons to every month and season. What’s more, if your loved one’s need for assisted living comes on suddenly, you may not have the option of waiting for the “opportune moment.”

But that doesn’t mean the time of year isn’t a factor. Rather than help you identify the perfect time, we’ve taken a look at the different seasons of the year and assembled a list of considerations to help ease the transition.


Spring is a time of new beginnings. This is a theme throughout our culture, and indeed, it has its roots in nature, where the whole world seems to shake off its winter malaise and sprout anew. For most of us, spring brings with it a sense of positivity, even if we can’t put our finger on exactly where that positivity stems from. Sometimes it’s as simple as the increased warmth and sunlight helping to lift our mood.

Regardless of the what or why, you can use these positive feelings to help bring a sense of brightness and new beginning to your loved one’s move. If you coincide the move with the onset of spring, your loved one may relate those feelings of positivity in part to their move and their new surroundings. They can cast off the feelings of confinement and boredom that hit all of us after a long, cold winter spent largely indoors and get to know their new community.


Even though spring provides a much needed respite from the cold, temperatures can still be chilly, and rain may take the place of cold to drive folks indoors. But by summertime, things have warmed up considerably, allowing for the opportunity to spend plenty of time outdoors.

That’s one of the best things about moving to an assisted living community like Lexington Square in the summertime. With activities both indoor and outdoor, the ability to socialize with other residents, and a beautiful campus to explore, assisted living communities like Lexington Square provide plenty to do!


By making the move in the fall, families and their loved ones have an opportunity to adjust to their new situation, and establish a sense of comfort and routine before the holiday season. “Getting into a groove” with regular visits and establishing relationships with caretakers can help the approaching holiday season seem less daunting.


So what about those families that do move their loved ones into assisted living during the winter? The truth is, the holiday season is something to be embraced. While a quality community will have a robust schedule of senior living activities all year round, the holidays are an extra special time. Not only are there more group activities, but the “holiday spirit” has a way of bringing more seniors out to enjoy these activities. For seniors who make the move during the winter, the holiday season offers an opportunity to make fast friends and truly feel part of a new community.

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