Best Websites for Seniors

July 21, 2015

Most seniors know how to use technology and often surf the net just as the younger generations do. One of the most amazing things older Internet surfers can find is the variety of sites devoted to those over 50 years old. Yes, senior life is alive and well on the Internet. Here we rundown some of the best websites for seniors.

Senior Dating Sites

One of the largest and growing groups of online daters are not young professionals in their thirties, but folks over 60. Many are women and men who lost their life-long partners and want to try starting a new relationship. Overall, an increasing number of couples first meet on the Internet, and older people are quickly becoming an important segment of the online dating industry. A rundown of some of the most popular dating sites for seniors can be found below.


SeniorCupid is a fun site that is much more than just a dating site. While dating is one large part of the content, this site also offers blogs, chats, forums, and more to help seniors meet friends and expand their networking. It takes the awkwardness out of online dating with profiles that help find compatibility and forums that allow members to first make friends before moving on to dating.


Another senior friendly dating site is OurTime. This site is one of the newer over 50 dating sites. The site’s design is for more than dating too. Activities encouraged with a membership include pen pals and a community to bring older singles together.

Some reviews of the site have mentioned that there are occasional issues with fake profiles. However, this occurs on nearly every dating site. As always, safeguard your personal information and be careful.

Senior People Meet

Completing the trio of the three top dating and relationship sites for the over fifty crowd is Senior People Meet. This site provides the most powerful tools that every dating site for any age group should offer. On Senior People Meet you can filter your search results by lifestyle characteristics and background, factors which are often the building blocks of any relationship.

For those who want more than superficial research, there is a search function that allows folks to search for a specific characteristic such as “animal lover.” Keep in mind, it is a good idea to read profiles so you learn about someone’s likes and dislikes before striking up conversation.

Travel Sites for Seniors

If you suffer from an insatiable wanderlust, there are many travel sites designed to satiate your senior travel hunger. They range from senior action vacations, to educational adventure to luxury traveling. Following are three sites to help you plan a vacation with vision.

Elder Treks

The first adventure travel site exclusively designed for travelers 50 and older, Elder Treks offers small-group adventures in more than 100 countries. Examples of trips organized by Elder Treks include active hiking in the Himalayas, the Rockies and the Andes, wildlife and tribal African safaris, or sailing an icebreaker to the Arctic or Antarctic. The company also has cultural journeys throughout the world.

Over 50 and Overseas

Over 50 and Overseas is a unique website for those over fifty who want their travel to be meaningful and benefit others. The site matches travelers with volunteer programs in scores of countries with diverse projects that include:

  • Health Programs
  • Teaching Programs
  • Environmental Programs
  • Civil Society Programs
  • Animal Aid Programs

Travelers choose their destination and type of volunteer program and pay their own costs. The site locates destinations and programs, advises on enrollment FAQs, and more.

Cruises Compete

Cruises are often billed as the most luxurious way to travel. Cruises Compete lists all seniors cruise specials by date and price. Most cruises have wonderful food, nightly entertainment, and tons of shipboard activities while cruising during the days. Whether you want to sail around the Caribbean or around the world, this site can help make it happen.

From dating to traveling, the Internet offers a world of resources for the senior set. There has never been a better time to connect with others and experience the world, all through the help of technology.

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