Celebrating the Holidays with Loved Ones in an Assisted Living Facility

December 01, 2017

Somehow, the holidays are here already. Like every year, they seem to have snuck up on us. But now that the temperatures are dropping and the decorations are going up all over the Chicago area, our thoughts have turned to celebrating with friends and family. If you’ve got loved ones in an assisted living facility like Lexington Square, you likely feel a lot of pressure to help them get into the holiday spirit and continue to be a part of the celebration. We’ve got a few tricks of the trade that have gone a long way with families at our Elmhurst, IL and Lombard, IL assisted living facilities. We hope they’ll help make your holiday celebration that much more special.

Reach Out to Staff

Seniors love to celebrate, and assisted living facilities love to help them celebrate! Holiday parties are the social events of the season, and assisted living staff go all-out. Give a call to the team at your loved one’s community. You may want to attend the celebration with your loved one, or make sure your own celebration doesn’t overlap. Especially if you’re planning to have a lot of family and friends gather at your loved one’s new home, it’s a great idea to call in advance and make a plan with the staff. They’ll likely have a few ideas of their own to help out.

Reach Out to Residents

For some residents in assisted living, making friends can be tough. But making strong friendships is a vital part of living a full life in assisted living. Consider inviting some of the residents to your gathering. Once again, the community staff can be a great asset here.

Orchestrate a Holiday Surprise

For loved ones who are having a tough time adjusting to life in assisted living, the holidays can be especially hard, and they can feel cut off from the friends, family, and good cheer all around. An easy way to help them feel connected is by making sure they hear from family and friends. Some residents distribute their loved one’s new address, and urge folks to send a card to the new location. Residents light up when they receive holiday cards, and displaying them around their room is a way to be reminded at all times of all the people they love. Another great idea is to have friends and family address cards to your loved one, but send them to your house. Then, on a visit, while one person is out and about with your loved one, you can set the cards up around the room.

Plan Ahead

In the past, celebrating with loved ones in an assisted living facility was much more difficult than it is now. Distance simply made some celebrations and get-togethers impossible. But with modern video calling technology, it’s easier than ever to see and celebrate with children and grandchildren across the globe. Your loved one can be a part of Christmas morning in New York, Colorado, and California, all from the comfort of their room or apartment. However, this ease can make things seem simpler than they are, and lead to frustrations and missed connections. Make sure you test the equipment on both ends. And beyond that, have a plan! The holidays are busy for everyone. Many people intend to call Grandma “at some point.” Then the day gets away from them, it gets later and later, and when they do call, Grandma is in bed. Have a set time, with equipment you’ve tested, and you can have a great family moment free of frustration. You can even make sure the kids are in the PJs they got from Grandma when she calls.

Again, we can’t urge you strongly enough to reach out to staff at your loved one’s assisted living community. They’ll be happy to help you and your loved one put together a holiday celebration to remember. For more tips, contact Lexington Square.

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