From Generation to Generation

The Kepplinger'sOften, the very best tips for a good life are passed down from generation to generation. Such has been the case for Jan and Doug Kepplinger, formerly of Lisle and Western Springs.  The couple is the second consecutive generation to have moved to Lexington Square in Lombard.  Jan’s parents lived in the community for fourteen years.

The Kepplngers moved to Lexington Square four years ago.  “We wanted to be as independent as we could.  We have wonderful children but didn’t want them having to worry about us or have to run and check in with us all of the time.” said Jan. “We decided that  we wanted to live someplace where, If we needed help, we could get it.”

In no great hurry to move out of their Lisle townhome, the couple took their time investigating different options. “We looked at nine places.  It’s a big decision,” said Jan.  “Lexington was the last place we checked out.  We thought, ‘wow’, we get a lot more for our money here, than we’d get at other places.”

Jan said that Lexington had very much been on their radar since her parents had such a nice experience there.  She also had an aunt living there as well.

Jan said that an important selling point for was the fact that the apartments are so spacious. “There were places that we looked at that were more expensive but didn’t even have enough space for me to put a chair in my bedroom,” said Jan. “I wanted to be comfortable.”

The convenient location was also of great importance to the couple. “We were realizing that our lives were changing and that we wanted something easily accessible to meet our needs in terms of close proximity to shopping, our church and our doctors,” said Doug.

Jan said that they’re impressed with the fact that Lexington staff has become much like family. “They tend to stay working here and that says a lot. We knew Renee, the executive director from when my parents were here in the 80’s. One of the dining room managers was my mother’s housekeeper here; the other was my aunt’s.  So it’s neat that they keep their people here. People really care whether it’s the activity department or the dining room. We have excellent care,” said Jan.

Jan said that their decision to make Lexington their home has been “constantly reinforced.  This is like family here. People genuinely care about each other.”

Jan said that their daughter’s mother-in-law is moving to Lexington Square in Elmhurst.  “I told her she’s making a great decision!” said Jan.

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