How Decluttering Can Keep You Calmer & Safer

March 08, 2016

We’ve all seen Hoarders. There’s a reason there’s a whole show about this lifestyle – because most people aren’t particularly happy living amongst piles of mess, even if their home is clean (more common than you think!) Decluttering, in fact, can lead to more than a better home environment; it leads to mental calmness, satisfaction and happiness. Let’s take a look at why.

The Magic of Decluttering

As Marie Kondo asserts in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, decluttering really does have an almost enchanting ability to make a space feel fresh, new and beautiful. It can also beautify a collection of belongings, such as one might have after a long lifetime. Whether you or your loved ones are moving to a new space or staying put, shedding unwanted or unnecessary possessions can be very liberating and energizing.

Kondo especially makes the point that possessions that are special or have true meaning should stay, but anything that isn’t adding function or loveliness to your life should go.

Better Mobility and Safety

Plus, clutter can become a problem later in life when mobility isn’t as easy as it once was. A clean, pleasant and decluttered space can make moving around and finding objects much easier. For the sake of safety, you should clean out your space so all rooms are easily navigable, or help your loved ones do it. This also makes dealing with memory loss simpler, because everything is always in the same space and routines are much easier to maintain.

A Decluttering Routine

Gretchen Rubin, celebrated author of The Happiness Project and Happier at Home, points out that once you declutter, you can successfully keep spaces clear by sweeping through your home and putting everything in place in the evening. This routine, she explains, adds greatly to her personal satisfaction and helps her feel calmer in her environment.

Plus, it’s not that hard to declutter. In her blog post Eleven Myths of De-Cluttering, she points out that while many people believe that the process is overwhelming and requires lots of new storage containers, all you actually need to do is start eliminating unwanted items. She adds that if you’re concerned about mementos, you should keep one memento to symbolize a special time or event rather than all of them.

A Decluttering Routine

Decluttering a space makes it more livable, safer and more joyful, and it’s truly not that hard.

If you want to live in a home with as little fuss as possible or are hoping to create this for an aging parent or loved one, consider using these decluttering tips. And if you still haven’t found an appropriate living situation for yourself or loved one, you may want to consider a senior living facility.


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