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Lombard Area Senior Groups to Keep You Active and Social

By Lexington Squares | December 29, 2015

LS-image-planter_boxMaintaining optimal health is about more than regular doctor visits and commitment to a good diet. In addition to physical upkeep, emotional health is a key factor in a person’s quality of life. A lack of goals and purpose is one thing that can cause anyone, seniors included, some distress emotionally. Many seniors have lived very fulfilling professional lives and, once they pass retirement age, it can be hard to find ways to stay involved in the community where they’ll find an important purpose to keep them motivated and engaged.

Seniors who join group activities, whether they’re volunteering their time or learning new skills, get great satisfaction from their own contributions to a larger cause. There are a number of activities in the Chicago area that seniors can choose from and the benefits are far reaching. Seniors can find new friends and social opportunities. They can become involved in a project they feel a great passion for as well as feel needed in the community.

Groups for Seniors in Lombard

There are a number of different activities for Chicago seniors to enjoy. Here are some options for Lombard area senior groups that may peak residents’ interest:

  • ElderhostelElderhostel provides fantastic information on lifelong learning adventures for any age. Seniors can travel with nonprofit organizations inside the US and worldwide to explore the world and learn more about areas they’ve always dreamed of traveling to.
  • Book Club. The Friends of the Library hosts a monthly book club for adults of any age. The month’s book pick is available at the library for those who wish to take out the book, or you can purchase your own copy to read at your leisure.
  • College Courses. College of DuPage offers many different courses for adult learners. You might choose a course of study which has always interested you, or you might decide to take up a new hobby. Lectures are available throughout the term, and there is a discount for those 55 and older.
  • Lyric Opera Series. Beside the book club, Friends of the Library also hosts a Lyric Opera Lecture Series which is quite popular with seniors.
  • Lombard Park District. The Lombard Park District offers a wide variety of senior clubs, classes, and senior trips and outings. There’s something to fit any senior’s taste. The commitment can be a full class length or a one day outing, depending on your preference.
  • Local Churches. Lombard has a number of local churches of every denomination, and they are always looking for volunteers from the community. If you’re a member of a congregation, a great start would be to contact their rectory and ask where they might need extra help. If you’re not, simply choose one near you and look over their website or contact their staff for some direction on volunteering your time. Parishes with schools attached often need extra help and look for community members to sit on their school boards and help with any fundraising efforts.

Getting Involved

Getting involved in a group might sound daunting at first, but it’s usually well worth the time and effort. If you’re concerned about the time commitment, start small with a one day activity and see how you like it. This way you can build up to more regular involvement if you like it.

Regardless of the area you call home, you are likely to find groups that need your specific skills and energy. A good starting point to find what is available may be your local library or park district. All it takes is that first step to get out and get active

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