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Best Hobbies For Seniors

Someone once said, “If you snooze, you lose.” These days, more and more seniors are ditching interminable periods of inactivity for eclectic forms of engagement. They embrace hobbies, rather than shun them. Benefits of hobbies For seniors looking to add purpose and enjoyment to their lives, hobbies are an ideal means to an end. Hobbies … Continue reading “Best Hobbies For Seniors”

6 Physical Fitness Tips for Seniors

Need proof that physical fitness has no age limit? Consider the story of Harriette Thompson, a Southerner who’s conquered a slew of marathons. The tenacious nonagenarian set a record in 2014 at the Rock ’n’ Roll San Diego marathon. She was the fastest competitor in the 90-94 age group. Of course, there are plenty of … Continue reading “6 Physical Fitness Tips for Seniors”

Return of the Prodigal – Restoring a Broken Parent/Child Relationship

Jenny and her mom, Karen, have not spoken to each other in five years. The reason? Jenny’s decision to marry her longtime boyfriend, Bill. Karen had long disapproved of Bill because of his checkered past, and she made sure her daughter knew it. When Jenny and Bill eloped, the contentious relationship between mother and daughter … Continue reading “Return of the Prodigal – Restoring a Broken Parent/Child Relationship”

How to Help Your Parent Embrace Her New Senior Community

Your mother may view moving into a senior community with trepidation. Although it’s natural to fear such a major change, odds are that this milestone will be a positive experience – especially since you will be involved. Here are ways you can help your mother make the transition before and after the move. Research the … Continue reading “How to Help Your Parent Embrace Her New Senior Community”

How to Find the Right Senior Community for Your Parents

Finding the right senior community for your parent is a major responsibility that requires considerable effort and time. Added to the challenge of identifying the ideal community is the combination of emotions and concerns related to the search. Thanks to an ever-increasing number of options, the search for the right residence is not as insurmountable … Continue reading “How to Find the Right Senior Community for Your Parents”

How to Stay in Touch with Your Parents When Life Gets Busy

Time and distance are among the biggest obstacles to maintaining a link between you and your senior parent. No matter how much you want to preserve your close relationship, there always seems to be too few hours left for visits. If that’s not bad enough, there may also be way too many miles separating the … Continue reading “How to Stay in Touch with Your Parents When Life Gets Busy”

8 Activities for Healthy Senior Living

“An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” Chances are, your parents directed that sentiment at you when you were a kid. Well, idle minds are bad for seniors, too: Older adults who have little to no social interaction are likely to have serious health issues. According to a 2009 National Institutes of Health report, “The … Continue reading “8 Activities for Healthy Senior Living”

4 Ways to Help a Senior Struggling with Depression or Isolation

Although major depression and isolation are common among seniors, they are far from normal. If you are an adult child providing care for your senior parent, you could play a pivotal role in helping your parent cope with these issues. What is depression? Major depression, according to, “is a period of sadness, irritability or … Continue reading “4 Ways to Help a Senior Struggling with Depression or Isolation”

Aging Shouldn’t Be Boring!

Just because you’re older, it doesn’t mean you have to act your age. But we all know that staying active can grow more difficult as the years go by. It can be tough to stay engaged and part of the community when family members and friends have moved away or passed on. With aging sometimes … Continue reading “Aging Shouldn’t Be Boring!”

6 Most Important Things to Look for in a Senior Community

What should you consider when embarking on a search for a senior living community? Start by exploring these six crucial elements: 1. Reputation Local media coverage about a senior community is one of the best ways to gauge the facility’s reputation in your town. Be sure to check the websites and archives of area TV … Continue reading “6 Most Important Things to Look for in a Senior Community”