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Online Companionship and Friendship for Seniors

If Martha Stewart can find potential companions online, why can’t you? In 2013, the septuagenarian lifestyle mogul logged on to in search of prospective dates – two of whom met her for the first time on an episode of the “Today Show.” Seniors are increasingly turning to the Internet to find love interests as … Continue reading “Online Companionship and Friendship for Seniors”

Staying Involved with Your Community

With age comes wisdom, as well as challenges. Seniors face a litany of physical and other impediments that threaten to hamper their ability to remain involved in the community. However, those challenges – no matter how insurmountable they may seem – are the very reasons that seniors need to remain a part of the community.  … Continue reading “Staying Involved with Your Community”

How to Stay Active After Giving Up Your Driver’s License

As teenagers, most of us couldn’t wait to get our driver’s licenses. We longed to possess that all-important document, that symbol of independence and freedom. Now that many of us have earned the status of “seasoned driver,” it’s tough to think of giving up our prized licenses. But for a growing number of seniors, it’s … Continue reading “How to Stay Active After Giving Up Your Driver’s License”

Facebook: Why and How Seniors Should Log On

If you’re looking for a reason to use Facebook, consider a report from All Assisted Living Homes about why seniors are logging on to the social media site: 40 percent connect with family and friends. 30 percent share photos. 20 percent participate in social gaming. 10 percent participate in contests and games. When it comes to … Continue reading “Facebook: Why and How Seniors Should Log On”

Using Skype to Stay Connected with Friends & Family

How long has it been since you’ve read a bedtime story to your precious grandchild in Tampa? When did you last touch base with your favorite, funny fraternity brother on the West Coast? And are you having a tough time keeping up with your Midwest childhood pals and “partners in crime”? These days, there’s no … Continue reading “Using Skype to Stay Connected with Friends & Family”

Aging in Place: Staying Safe at Home

Be it humble or haute, there’s no place like home. A home is a sanctuary filled with history and memories. A home provides just about everything, from shelter to solace. If a home provides even a fraction of those things, it often becomes the ultimate object of affection. Many people find that as they age, … Continue reading “Aging in Place: Staying Safe at Home”

Senior Living: When should you consider a lifestyle change?

Many of us are lucky to inhabit homes filled with treasures and memories that we cherish. We revel in the comfort and joy of our personal surroundings and find it hard to imagine that we’ll ever leave. The reality is that many of us will need to leave our longtime abodes, whether due to illness, … Continue reading “Senior Living: When should you consider a lifestyle change?”

5 Things You Need to Know About Retirement Communities

Remember when you thought retirement communities were strictly for the old and the sickly? You certainly weren’t alone in your thinking. When it comes to senior living, such negative perceptions have been widely accepted for a long time. If you’re in the early stages of a search for a retirement community, don’t be surprised to … Continue reading “5 Things You Need to Know About Retirement Communities”

5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing an In-Home Care Provider

Most people want to recuperate from an illness, injury or medical procedure at home. However, in-home recovery may be a challenge – especially as we age. The solution may be an in-home care provider. Here are some things to keep in mind as you consider whether to utilize a professional in-home care provider: Is the … Continue reading “5 Things You Must Know Before Choosing an In-Home Care Provider”

How to Continue Healing After Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Let’s face it: No one can escape being injured. House cleaning, yard work and other activities that we engage in out of necessity, plus leisure-time pursuits such as ballroom dancing or gardening, increase everyone’s risk of sustaining a life-changing injury. In order to make a full recovery, it may be necessary to complete physical therapy … Continue reading “How to Continue Healing After Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation”