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Sharpen Your Mind with Adult Learning Classes

By Lexington Squares | August 18, 2016


You’re never too old to learn new things. Today, colleges and universities across the country offer adult learning classes to seniors looking to sharpen their minds, build social connections, or learn a new skillset. Available both online and onsite, these informative classes promote lifelong learning in an intellectually stimulating environment. Learn more about these personal enrichment opportunities for seniors.

Going Back to School

More and more baby boomers are taking the initiative and returning to school – but why? While most seniors are expected to spend their golden years in leisurely retirement, many are finding the advantages of adult learning classes. They not only want to remain active, but also informed and educated.

Roaming around campus with 20-something year olds is certainly not going to find them the fountain of youth, but for many seniors, spending time at an adult learning center provides much more than an educational outlet. It’s also a way for seniors to stay social. Retirement can be lonely, but campuses offer a plethora of social activities, from access to campus performances to engagement in collaborative research projects.

How to Afford Classes

We all know that college isn’t cheap, but for many seniors, the chance to attend adult learning classes may be closer than they think. To encourage lifelong learning, many universities offer reduced or waived tuition. Of course, you may have to meet some eligibility requirements. Most schools accept seniors between 50 and 65 years old, and some states have an income cap.

For seniors who don’t qualify for a tuition waiver, you may want to consider auditing a course. While you won’t get credit for attending, you will have the opportunity to listen in on some interesting lectures. When you audit a class, you also won’t be bogged down with mandatory homework, essays and exams. Not all universities offer these programs, so you must call the school and get authorized permission from the instructor.

While most students attend college to get a good-paying job, many seniors are attending just for the fun of it. Today’s universities offer a stimulating and intellectual learning environment that encourages retirees to learn, socialize and explore new interests in a safe, structured setting. If you’re interested in attending an adult learning center, know your options. Colleges cater to persons with all types of interests and welcomes students of all backgrounds, experiences and of course, ages.


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