A Guide to Spiritual Wellness for Seniors

June 15, 2020

Being well requires you to approach your health from a multitude of angles: physical, intellectual, emotional, social, vocational, financial, environmental and spiritual. Most of these dimensions of wellness are self-explanatory, but many people wonder, “What is spiritual wellness?” Since spirituality is such a metaphysical concept and requires deep introspection, it can be challenging to picture what spiritual wellness for seniors looks like or know why it matters. Let’s clarify what spiritual wellness is and how it can be practiced.

What Is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness is the feeling of being connected to a greater force at work in the universe, subscribing to a set of beliefs and values about that force, and letting that belief system guide your actions. Generally, it relates to the meaning of life and one’s purpose.

How Can I Practice Spiritual Wellness?

Start by looking within. Many spiritual and religious journeys start by asking questions, specifically, open-ended questions that may not have a definitive answer. For instance, “Why am I here?” or, “What am I meant to do with my life?” Spirituality and religion lean on faith in a higher power to answer many of those deeper questions.

Try attending a spiritual or religious gathering, like a church service or worship in a temple or synagogue. Volunteering can be another great way to feel connected. Even attending certain types of yoga classes or meditating in nature can help you get more in touch with your personal spirituality.

What Are Examples of Spiritual Wellness?

Your level of spiritual wellness can only be determined by you. Only you know how fulfilled, content and connected you feel. In others, it could look like someone who is happy and content with life. It could manifest as someone who dedicates much of their life to volunteering and helping others. Or it may be a devout and faithful religious person.

Why Is Spiritual Wellness Important?

Not everyone chooses to express their spirituality or practice religion, but those who do can find the benefits of spiritual wellness fulfilling and enriching. It connects you with a community of people who are also seeking to understand their greater purpose. It can provide routine and structure to your life. And it can serve as a set of guidelines by which to live your life.

At Lexington Square Lombard and Elmhurst communities, we approach wellness from a holistic perspective, which includes spiritual wellness for seniors. We have clubs and organizations dedicated to practicing spirituality and religion. Schedule a virtual appointment with a residency counselor to learn how you can experience the fulfillment and enrichment your practice provides at one of our communities. Ask your residency counselor about going on a virtual tour of the community and the residence you’re interested in.

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