Spring Starts Now: Planning Your Move to a Senior Living Community

February 15, 2018

There are few constants in life, especially as we age, but there are some things we can count on with certainty. One of those is that moving will take longer than we think it will. Whether you’re packing your child up from school, trying to clear out of the vacation home you’ve been lounging in, or moving out of your house, the time you budget is always far less than the time you spend.

We’ve checked in hundreds of residents here at Lexington Square over more than a quarter century in operation, so trust us when we say: It will take longer than you think to prepare for making the move to a senior living community.

Selling Your Home

For many families, selling a home is the first thing to think about before making the move to senior living. Whether you’re selling your own home, or you’re helping a loved one sell theirs, it’s important to leave plenty of time for this process, especially as the money made from the sale is often a large component of paying for senior living. It’s also important to work with the right real estate agent. There are Senior Real Estate Specialists® that are specially trained to work with buyers and sellers over 50.

Preparing Your Finances

Speaking of professionals, it’s a great idea to sit down with a financial advisor. There’s a lot going on when you’re preparing to move or helping a loved one prepare to move into a senior living community. For many folks, they have the initial finances together and a plan for the immediate future, but then other concerns quickly take priority. A financial advisor with experience working with seniors can help create a long-term plan, and help you and your family prepare for unexpected expenses. Checking in with your advisor yearly can help keep that plan up to date.

Leaving Time to Pack

There is always more to pack than you think. And when preparing to make the move to senior living, the process can be very emotional as you sift through a lifetime’s worth of cherished items. Rushing to do this can be overwhelming. By starting early, you can tackle things a little at a time, and also schedule time with family members and friends who may be needed to help out. It’s also a good idea to begin finding homes for things you or your loved one won’t take along. Whether you’re making donations, entrusting heirlooms to family, or simply need someone to haul away unwanted items, these things take planning and coordination. And don’t forget to leave a box of moving day essentials!

Visit Ahead of Time

It’s a great idea to get in early and set up yours or your loved one’s new residence. This way you can create a sense of home before moving day. But it’s also a great idea to schedule periodic visits in advance of the move. Check out the community calendar and look for meals and events where you or your loved one can get to know the residents. This helps ease the transition, and it’s always great to have a few friends waiting to greet you or your loved one.

Schedule Family for “Move-In Weekend”

Colleges and universities have the right idea when it comes to moving. They have a full weekend of activities, and family members get to hang out for a couple of days before bidding their children adieu. This is a phenomenal idea for making the move to a senior living community. Reach out to family and have them clear the weekend. If they’re coming from out of town, arrange sleeping accommodations with family or hotels. Go out to eat, explore the senior living community together, and make the weekend a celebration. It’s the start of an exciting new chapter, and it’s wonderful to kick it off surrounded by loved ones!

Reach out to Lexington Square today for more information on senior living options in DuPage County, IL.   

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