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The 8 Best Apps for Seniors

By Lexington Squares | October 27, 2015

apps_for_seniorsWhile apps might seem like a hot-off-the-press innovation meant only for millennials, they’re surprisingly accessible to the older generation as well. Since most seniors these days have smart phones and apps are free or inexpensive, access isn’t a problem either. Seniors might want to try any of these eight best apps for seniors to improve their health and well-being.


If you’re under 40, you’ve doubtless heard of this game-changing app, credited with making life better for a wide variety of men and women. However, the older set may benefit from it too. MyFitnessPal helps people track calories in (through food and beverages) and out (through exercise), and is preprogrammed with thousands of foods to make things even easier.


Although you may think of seniors as only receiving care, many are helping to provide it as well. If your older relative is a caretaker for a spouse or relative with Alzheimer’s, the Balance app may help them. It assists in coordinating care and tracking changes in Alzheimer’s patients, and if you are also a caregiver, can help with communication and planning.


Okay, so this almost seems more like a video game than a fitness app. Given the amount of sweating many people do while playing, it, however, it’s bound to do the trick for football lovers that are young at heart and young enough in body. The interactive NFLPlay app uses motion sensing to track a player on the screen, while the person using the app performs the movements in real time. Running, jumping and shoving can help you work up quite a sweat … nothing virtual about it!


Of course, not all health is physical. The iBooks app keeps the brain strong by offering a range of literature available through the iTunes store. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction or instructional material (for, say, learning a new hobby or exercise), this will keep seniors engaged and mentally active.


A lot of research shows that people who challenge themselves mentally stay sharper and more alert over time, and are less susceptible to Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Lumosity app helps seniors do just that, with brain-training exercise that help keep their minds ship-shape for life.


Now you don’t have to have a Fitbit bracelet in order to take advantage of this health-wise company’s offerings. The Fitbit app uses motion technology to track activity throughout the day, including steps taken, calories burned, distance covered and the amount of time spent active in a day. It also helps users log their sleep, food and water.


Taking medications is very common in old age, and not all play well with other medications or with individual people. MedWatcher helps take the gamble out of new medications by tracking side effects and bad reactions, so seniors can stop taking them and tell their doctors what happened.


Many seniors enjoy the freedom of cooking in their own kitchens. The AllRecipes app is an easy way to look up healthy food using ingredients on hand. Armed with this, seniors can prepare healthy meals using whole foods good for health and digestion.

See? It’s not so hard to get seniors involved in their own mental and physical health, even if they’re not tech savvy … yet. After this, they will be!

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