The Stars of Lexington Square

We are proud to introduce you to the inaugural edition of Lex Talk; the newsletter of Lexington Squares in Elmhurst and Lombard.  Lex Talk is being launched because quite frankly, we have a lot to say.  We are proud to share information about what’s new in the communities including renovations and expansion of services, as well as what’s more tried and true such as our Best Friends approach to care and some of our more innovative programming.  And Hidden we’re always excited to share stories about our wonderful residents and how their lives have been positively impacted by their lifestyle at Lexington Square.

 Construction Update

We’ve completed multi-million dollar renovations to our dining rooms, lobby and common areas.  We’ve heard rave reviews including, “It looks just like a luxury hotel now.”  It’s true.  Our look includes vibrant and rich colors, spaciousness and lots of natural sunlight. Enjoy some of the photos of our newly redone spaces!

  New Services

Embracing the neighborhood concept of care, we have recently reconfigured assisted living at Lexington Square Lombard into four unique neighborhoods: Dogwood, Verbena, Red Bud and Lilac.  This permits smaller, more intimate groups for social interaction and more personal care.

We have also introduced a secured licensed memory support area for our residents cheap mlb jerseys at Lexington Square in Lombard.  Lexington Square in Elmhurst has opened its doors for assisted living.

 Lights, Camera, Action!

Because we have a lot to share, we are launching a major media blitz, and have recruited some of our residents as the stars.  Over the past several months, we have shot photos and videos on site, which will be used for promoting Lexington on billboards, commercials, print media and more.  The following is a bit of fun information about a few of the Stars of Lexington Square:


Mae and George Richardson moved to Lexington Square in Elmhurst 14 months ago. “This was one of the best moves cheap nba jerseys we’ve ever made,” said George.  Mae had suffered a stroke and was in Lexington Healthcare for Schritt 100 days.  “She came here in a wheelchair, but with the gym and physical therapy available here, she’s walking and is very active in independent living now,” said George. “If we had stayed in our home, she wouldn’t be doing this well. It’s the smartest move. We’re more active that we were on our own.”


George said that the couple felt honored to participate in the Residents promotional videos of Lexington. “We’ve met nice friends and we’re very active here.  They ought to call it the Lexington Playhouse,” he said.


Pauline Bonze is a little bit of a celebrity in Lexington Square circles.  A resident Résidence of the Elmhurst community for four years, Pauline has been interviewed, and featured in a number of videos.  cheap nfl jerseys For the most recent promo, Pauline was asked to go to Lombard’s tai chi class.  “It cheap mlb jerseys turned out that the instructor wasn’t there so the activity director stepped in.  He didn’t know how to do tai chi so I showed him a couple of moves.  Then I got into my place and coached him from there,” she said.  Stories Pauline is very active at Lexington, involved in activities including art, crafts, water aerobics, worship, ping pong, cards, Wii bowling and more. She also takes time to visit residents at Lexington Healthcare.



Anne LaRocca and her husband moved into Lexington Square in Elmhurst 11 years ago when she was 73 benefits years old.  “I was able to enjoy all the amenities along the way,” she said.  “I have enjoyed my later years because since I moved to Lexington Square, I do not have to make any more key decisions.  All my needs are met; it’s my time to enjoy life.  Here, we are treated like royalty so I was very flattered to be asked to participate in the television commercials for Lexington.  I Why want to let everyone know that the staff and employees here are the very best you could ever imagine.  The environment is luxurious with all the hassle it takes to make it so.  The big problem is that people wait too long to come in order to enjoy all that is offered here.  Don’t wait and you will be able to enjoy everything Lexington Square has to offer too,” she said.



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