Things Seniors Can Do in Chicago

October 13, 2015

When your time belongs to you, don’t sit at home watching Judge Judy all day. From things to do and places to go, there are many things seniors can do in Chicago. Tap into your sense of adventure, grab your partner in crime, and check out these happenings.

Senior Centers North, South, East and West

Practically at your doorstep are wonderful Senior Centers offering activities from line dancing to short travel excursions. These Senior Centers are geographically located throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Some of the Chicago senior citizen activities they support are:

  • Fitness programs. Exercise and get your move on! Just be sure and check with your doctor first.
  • Computer and internet classes. Find out what is happening with friends and family on social media sites like Facebook. Surprise your grandchildren and send them tweet or two through Twitter. Learn all about the transformation of a pound sign (#) into a hashtag, or just discover how to get your own e-mail address and send messages.
  • Plug in to the Senior Centers’ life enrichment programs designed to help seniors access personal services like transportation.

Entertainment and Cultural Activities

  • Navy Pier — This is a great way to spend your day, and there’s enough going on here to keep you busy. If you love the water, consider spending a couple hours on one of the Pier’s exclusive ships. The Mystic Blue is great for a night out, and everything you need to enjoy an evening cruise is right on the boat. It boasts enormous windows so that you can take in the beautiful Chicago skyline while enjoying delicious food and beverages. The Mystic Blue isn’t your only choice for a day or nighttime cruise; there are four other ships to choose from.
  • The Red Hat Society — This social organization is actually a national group with a multitude of local chapters, several of which are in the Chicagoland area. The Red Hatters presents opportunities to meet other seniors participating in theater events, bowling parties, dinner outings, and volunteer opportunities. The sky is the limit. Bring your own and ideas and be inspiring.
  • Chicago Museums and Historical Places — Now that life has slowed a bit, take the time to visit Chicago’s museums and landmarks. The Shedd Aquarium offers discounted tickets to seniors. The Art Institute offers a serene atmosphere conducive to walking leisurely through the galleries while reading interesting facts about each artist.
  • Casinos — Can’t make it to Las Vegas? There are many casinos is less than an hour’s ride from Chicago where you will find slot machines, card tables, and the works. Of course, dinner and gift novelties are available.

The City of Chicago has made a commitment to its seniors. For other Chicago senior citizen activities that are exciting and fun visit the Chicago Senior’s Guide.

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