Understanding the Difference Between Memory Care and Assisted Living for Your Loved One

People today are living longer. As we approach the  golden years, there’s a greater chance of requiring some type of assisted living. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, a person turning 65 today has a 70% chance of needing long-term care services of some type during their lifetime.

When someone you care about needs long-term care, it’s important to understand your options. Families will often think that assisted living is the only option, when it’s not. For patients that are living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, a memory care community is an option that can provide the specialized care your loved one needs. Here’s a closer look at the differences between memory care and assisted living options.


Assisted Living Services

Assisted living facilities can provide  long term medical care, emotional support and assistance with daily activities. A reputable, caring assisted living community is often the place a family will turn when a loved one is no longer able to safely care for themselves or when the challenges of caring for the loved one exceed the capabilities of in-home caretakers.

Assisted living facilities are well-suited for individuals who are limited in their movement or ability to perform common daily tasks. A person who needs continual monitoring for a health condition will also benefit from the medical care provided in assisted living facilities. The staff works to support the individual, providing an environment that encourages an exceptional quality of life.

In some cases, a person with minor memory problems or who is in the earlier stages of dementia may be properly cared for in an assisted living environment. However, as memory impairment progresses, a memory care option should be considered. A person with advanced memory impairment needs the assistance and care of a staff with specialized experience in caring for Alzheimer’s and dementia residents.


How Memory Care Is Different

Many assisted living communities  have a specialized memory care facility on site. Memory care services are typically located in a separate and secure area of the facility that has been designed to provide comfort, promote engagement,  and care for the emotional and physical health of the resident.

In a memory care facility, each person is treated as an individual as the staff works to improve quality of life and promote healthy, safe socialization and engagement with others. Families and caregivers take comfort in knowing that a loved one is receiving compassionate care and support.


Reach Out to a Compassionate Provider of Assisted Living and Memory Care Services

Choosing an assisted living or memory care facility for your loved one can be an emotional process.  We invite you to reach out to Lexington Square and learn more about our professional, compassionate assisted living services and Alzheimer’s/demenita care. We’re here to help. Contact Lexington Square today.

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