What’s the Difference between Assisted Living & Independent Living?

There comes a time in many adults’ lives when they realize it is time to make the important lifestyle change of moving into a retirement home. While this isn’t for everybody, many older adults and their families ultimately come to realize that there are benefits to living in the sort of communities provided by us here at Lexington Square, but the question very quickly becomes whether Assisted Living or Independent Living is more appropriate. The words are often mistakenly used interchangeably, but the differences between the two are fairly obvious, and important.

Assisted Living

The “assisted” part of Assisted Living is the biggest qualifier, as it suggests residents in these facilities will receive help completing certain daily activities they no longer can do on their own. It is not uncommon for certain senior citizens to lose the ability to manage their own medications, or even maintain their personal hygiene as effectively as they’d like. Perhaps someone is no longer able to drive, or do household chores, or properly control their personal finances. In these instances, Assisted Living may be the better option.

It should be noted, however, that residents in the Assisted Living communities here at Lexington Square have not sacrificed their independence. They still live their daily lives as they wish, but with the kind of help that maintains their health, happiness, and safety. It is a maintenance-free lifestyle, an indulgence that retired individuals certainly have earned.

Independent Living

Residents at our Independent Living facility are a little different. While certain services like chef-prepared meals and housekeeping are available, around-the-clock medical supervision is not necessary. Independent Living is designed for individuals who have no real problem living on their own or that need only occasional support, but they may crave more time for hobbies versus the upkeep of a home.

Here at Lexington Square, we also believe that it’s important to promote community and access to resources. Our residents can go on all sorts of day trips in the Chicagoland area, which could include everything from doing a day’s worth of clothes shopping to visiting the city for a theater show. Those people taking advantage of Independent Living still have the ability to get around just fine, and our day trips help ensure those opportunities are available.

How to Choose between the Two

As is always the case when choosing a retirement home, it really does come down to the needs of the potential resident. At Lexington Square, we have both Independent Living and Assisted Living facilities, so if one option is not working out there always is the opportunity to try something different. The bottom line, though, is that Assisted Living gives individuals a lot more attention because those residents tend to need it. Conversely, Independent Living keeps the world a little more wide open and puts some of that assistance at residents’ fingertips if and when they ever come to need it.

Whichever someone may choose, Lexington Square is happy to offer tours of our facilities and even happier to welcome new people to our fun, connected community.

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