Why Clubs Are a Great Way for Seniors to Make New Friends

June 27, 2019

Making new friends and having an active social life is important to all of us, no matter what our age. For seniors, who are sometimes isolated due to health concerns, mobility difficulties, or transportation issues, social engagement is usually the first to take the backseat. However, having regular opportunities for social engagement should be a top priority.

Studies have shown that staying socially engaged as we age is critical to maintaining cognitive health. 

Clubs with a Focus on Senior Interest

Clubs are a great way to meet like-minded people that share similar interests. For seniors, the challenge is finding a group of people that share their same level of life experiences.

Seniors benefit from social clubs that focus on their unique needs and interests, while providing a healthy, safe and enjoyable environment to engage and make new friends. One of the best places to look for these types of social opportunities is your local senior living community.

Types of Clubs at Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities

What types of clubs do seniors enjoy? The range of interests is endless, but at the best senior living communities, you’ll often find expansive options – with a club for just about everyone on the list.

For example, seniors might enjoy sharing their favorite pastimes – like knitting, chess or a love of reading – with others in a social environment. Rather than being isolated, they have the chance to get out and interact with others while enjoying the things they love to do most.

There are also clubs to help seniors stay healthy and active. Seniors might enjoy staying active through recreational clubs that include fitness, such as a walking or yoga. To help keep their minds as healthy as their bodies, seniors might enjoy a competitive chess club or pinochle tournament.

The key to finding the best club for engagement is to take into consideration that senior’s interests and the level of social interaction that makes them comfortable. A senior who is perfectly content meeting with a club every couple of weeks might enjoy a book club, but more social types might enjoy sharing a meal with a lunch club a couple of times a week.

Senior Living Communities That Encourage Social Engagement

Are you worried that a move into a senior living community might limit your loved one’s sociability? In most cases, the opposite is true. Senior and assisted living communities offer the perfect opportunity for meeting new people, making good friends and enjoying a level of social engagement that wasn’t possible for residents before. If you’d like to learn more about social clubs for seniors, Lexington Square would like to introduce you to the many options we provide. Reach out to Lexington Square today to learn more.

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