Two Perspectives, Same Conclusions

Both Lexington Square Senior Living Communities in Lombard and Elmhurst recently hosted their local police departments in presentations about fraud and scams prevalent against seniors.  Detective Ken Lafin, a 26-year veteran of the Elmhurst Police Department who spends his time investigating crimes, warned invited guests about gypsies who are born and raised to learn how […]

A Jack of All Trades

“I like to be a problem-solver, a fixer. I like to help anyone in need,” said Marina Salazar. Currently the move-in coordinator at Lexington Square Lombard, Marina has been with the senior living community for ten years and has served in several roles during that time. Marina started right after high school, working as a […]

Executive Chef Has All the Best Ingredients

As an executive chef, he has all of the best ingredients: literally and figuratively. The regional executive chef of HHS Culinary and Nutrition, Joe Grana, is leading the fine dining program at Lexington Square Senior Living Communities in Elmhurst and Lombard. He brings to the table a passion for all things culinary while boasting an […]

Lexington Square Senior Living Influencers

Lexington Square Senior Living Communities have their own influencers. Somewhat like Instagram and Twitter, Lexington Square Elmhurst and Lexington Square Lombard have their groups of fabulous individuals who can, with great authority and passion, promote the senior living communities based on their own experiences. On August 3 and 4, these influencers, which include the staff […]

Lexington Square in Elmhurst’s Very Own Plant Doctor

She enters the room greeting her ‘patients’ with kind words, music, and, in all likelihood, a dollop or two of water. Arlene Iverson is the resident plant doctor at Lexington Square senior living community in Elmhurst. With a lifelong passion for all things green and growing (or trying to grow), Iverson is directing her proclivity […]

Glorious Food: Senior Living Community Stirring Things Up

As the story appears in Chicago Tribune Prime Time, May 16, 2021. Glorious Food: Senior Living Community Stirring Things Up Televised cooking shows offer the perfect blend of ingredients to capture our attention, our hearts, and ultimately our stomachs. So their immense popularity is not a surprise. Options for viewing programming are increasing exponentially via […]

Superheroes at Lexington Square

“By definition, a superhero is a person who does heroic deeds for the greater good; someone who has abilities surpassing those of ‘normal people,’” said Dan Harrington, vice president of senior living for Lexington Health Network. “Our staffs at Lexington Square Lombard and Lexington Square Elmhurst personify superheroes every day of the year, so it […]

Gail Barthel

independent living community

During what has been a difficult and frightening time, she has felt safe and cared for. Gail Barthel of Lexington Square in Lombard said that she has been grateful to be living in the senior living community for “every single second” over the past two and a half years. This has especially been the case […]

Lexington Square Proves Best Decision

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 Featured articles  Senior Lifestyle April 01, 2021  “I’m happy I’m here and my kids are happy I’m here,” said Larry Gage. The resident of Lexington Square in Lombard has lived at the senior living community for the past 11 years. Prior to that he was a resident of Wheaton for 50 years. Gage explained that he investigated […]