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Assisted Living Communities in Chicago, IL

You’ve paid your dues. Now it’s time to enjoy your retirement your way. You don’t want your typical run-of-the-mill “old folks home”. What you need is a retirement community that offers the perfect balance of freedom, privacy, support, and personalized services. In our eyes, retirement doesn’t equal mundane days cooped up in front of the TV. For many of our residents, retirement life is a hodgepodge of chef-prepared meals, social programs, health and exercise facilities, and liberation from tedious household chores. You deserve fun and relaxation. You deserve a care-free lifestyle at Lexington Square.

Our Chicago Assisted Living Communities Are Just Different

At Lexington Square, you’ll experience a new way of living that you never would have thought possible. While we’re always here to lend a helping hand, our staff knows you value your independence, and are happy to stay out of your way. Our assisted living community is made up of friendly, caring staff available round-the-clock to provide you with the services you desire for easy living. Combine our great staff with our wide assortment of amenities and friendly atmosphere, and it’s no surprise Lexington Square has earned a place in the Top 10 Best Assisted Living Communities in Chicago by the Daily Herald.

Assisted Living Communities in Chicago, IL

Seriously, We Have the Best Staff in The World

Yes, we’ve got an incredible community with an amazing staff, but Lexington Square is much more than what you see on the surface. Our dedicated staff present customized care programs to our residents to make every day light and breezy. Our team of healthcare professionals offer more than just personalized care, we offer friendship. We get to know more than just your name. We care enough to learn your preferences, likes, dislikes, and things that are really important to you. We take the time to listen, and we are respectful of the fact that each resident has unique needs and personalities.


You didn’t retire just to move into a mediocre retirement community. Lexington Square may not be glamorous, but our apartments are comfortable, modern, and fully-equipped with everything you need to enjoy life to the fullest. Wider hallways making it easier to get around? Check. Walk-in showers? Check. And these are just a couple of the convenient features designed to make day-to-day living easier. Are you ready to indulge in assisted living in the Chicago area? If so, we are ready to have you join our home-like community environment here at Lexington Square.

Are you or a loved ready for Assisted Living? Lexington Square is ready when you are.

If you are ready for assisted living, Lexington Square is ready for you. And if you have questions about Assisted Living, download our ebook below.

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