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Two Unique Independent Living Communities near Chicago, IL

How do you envision spending your senior years? If it’s in a stuffy nursing home with overbearing staff always in your space, you’ve come to the wrong place. Lexington Square is different. We value your independence, privacy, and unique lifestyle needs. Our vision of an independent living community consists of more than just a roof over your head and a welcoming support system. We keep things fun and fresh. It’s time for you to experience independent living at its best.

Enjoy More Trips, More Choices and More Fun

Lexington Square offers a variety of apartment-styled homes for seniors who seek independent living in a laid-back environment. Our independent living communities can be found in two locations for your convenience. Choose to stay in our modern senior apartments in Elmhurst, IL or Lombard, IL, both located in the scenic western suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Is there a show you want to see? Schedule a trip to the theatre. Ready to do some shopping? We’re ready to take you. At Lexington Square, you’re in control.

Make Life Exciting Again and Keep It That Way

You didn’t retire so that you can spend your days cooped up indoors. Our independent living communities set the stage so you can live a full life, leaving your financial worries behind. Kick home maintenance tasks to the curb. First and foremost, change your mindset about retirement; this is your time.

Independent Living Communities in Chicago, Il

Newcomers to Lexington Square have the opportunity to begin anew with a new apartment, new friends, and a change in routine. Use time, once spent on household chores, on more pleasurable pursuits. Enjoy leisurely chef-prepared lunches in our dining venue, socialize with new friends with similar interests, and take advantage of our versatile amenities.

There’s truly something for everyone at Lexington Square. If you like a little competition, try your hand at one of our poker matches, trivia, or bingo. Just want to get away for the day? Join us on one of our day trips to local attractions, such as the casino or museum.

It’s Your World, We’re Just Happy to Live in It

At Lexington Square, we’re not here to tell you what to do. We encourage you to make your own decisions. If your needs should ever change, we can help with that too. Every resident has the opportunity to make the smooth transition to our Assisted Living program, or remain in their apartment with assistance from our Personal Care program with restrictions and limitations. Ideal for residents who simply need a helping hand, our Personal Care program offers as-needed support for seniors who do not yet require an Assisted Living level of support.

Take a Test Drive with a Trial Stay

If you’re thinking about moving into Lexington but need to ease into the transition toward community living, a Trial Stay affords you the chance to get a taste of the Lexington lifestyle firsthand, and without long-term commitment. Meals, and all the conveniences of Independent Living in Chicago are included.

Ready to get started? Call our friendly staff at Lexington Square today to discover all that senior life has in store for you.

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