bon appétit

Great food: it’s the main course, but not the only ingredient in our fine dining program!

Truly fine dining is about the entire culinary experience. Our fabulous chef-prepared meals, served up in our beautiful restaurant-style dining room, are a perfect balance between freshness, healthy dining and mouthwatering taste.

All you need to do is decide what you’d like from our extensive menu. Then sit back, indulge, and enjoy!

The Choice is Yours

Pasta, hamburger, roasted prime rib, Cobb salad with broiled chicken strips followed by blueberry pie a la mode? Yes, please!

Special dietary restrictions? We’re on it.

Lexington Square offers a variety of tantalizing options at every mealtime, with a garnish of exceptional service.

Our restaurant-style dining room is conveniently located within steps of our apartment homes.

The environment is as dynamic as the menu. On any given day, our charming executive chef may be strolling through the dining room, chatting with the residents, listening to recommendations and requests, and graciously accepting compliments.

Bon appétit!

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Come Hungry

Your treasured recipe could be worth $100 when you send the recipe and a story about how you shared it with family and friends!