The past 12 months have cultivated a new appreciation for the crucial role that healthcare staff and other essential employees play in our society, and National Employee Appreciation Day – which this year falls on Friday, March 5 – is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and thank them for everything they do.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2018 20 million people worked in health care and social assistance, comprising the largest group of employees in the nation. It is also one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States, with employment in healthcare occupations projected to grow 15% by 2029.

Suzie Herrera, who was recently promoted to the new position of health and wellness manager at Lexington Square Lombard, is among those working tirelessly to ensure the retirement community’s residents are healthy, safe and cared for. In a recent news article spotlighting Herrera for her service and dedication, she said she always knew she wanted to be a nurse, and she enjoys the opportunity to have a positive impact on residents’ lives each and every day.

While her responsibilities are different from Herrera’s, Lexington Square move-in coordinator Sheila Kendall was also spotlighted in the news recently for the key role she plays in the lives of residents and their families. Kendall first came to love the Lombard retirement community when her parents thrived immediately upon moving in, and she began working there several years later. Kendall said she enjoys facilitating a positive move-in experience and helping new residents turn their living space into a home.

With amazing staff members like Herrera and Kendall, it’s no wonder Lexington Health Network Vice President of Senior Living Dan Harrington, considers employees to be the retirement communities’ greatest resource!

Throughout the pandemic, people across the country have come up with many creative and meaningful ways to show appreciation to essential workers for their continued hard work and dedication, like this Gratitude Tree at Lexington Square Elmhurst and this gratitude sign installed by Lexington Square residents.

Here are some ideas for expressing your gratitude to healthcare workers in honor of National Employee Appreciation Day:

Our healthcare workers continue to do essential work, day in and day out to help keep our communities safe, so let’s take this opportunity on National Employee Appreciation Day to make sure they know how grateful we are for their service!

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