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Senior Living Activities & Fun at Lexington Square

At Lexington Square, we offer much more than bingo. Every day, residents can partake in various clubs, programs, events, educational, cultural, spiritual, wellness, and volunteer activities to keep active and social while having fun.

Whether it is digging in the dirt with our gardening club or practicing tai chi with an instructor, we offer activities and events that spark many interests.


Belonging to a club is a great way to make friends, start a new hobby, and find companionship with other like-minded folks. Join our Finer Diners club if you like to eat and experiment with food. Our Chorus welcomes new voices to listen or sing along. We keep things fresh and interesting, so our clubs change based on the preferences of our residents. New ideas and interests are welcome.

Here are just a few of the clubs you can find at Lexington Square:

  • Veterans Club
  • Kiwanis Group
  • Yarn Club
  • Wii Bowling League
  • Book Club
  • Chorus
  • Lunch Bunch
  • Chess Club
  • Resident Run
  • Men’s’/Women’s’ Pinochle
  • Finer Diners
  • Billiards League

Volunteer Groups

At Lexington Square, we like to make a difference in our community. Many of our residents choose to volunteer, which provides a healthy boost in self-confidence, offers mentorship opportunities, and increases overall life satisfaction. Our volunteer groups work side-by-side with other volunteers of all ages in the community to impact our larger community for the better.


At Lexington Square, we encourage our residents to do what they enjoy doing. Movies with friends. A game of poker. Shopping or exploring. No matter what you like to do, we have you covered. Participation is never required, but joining activities can be social, fun, and rewarding for those who choose to join in.

Opportunities to stay active, engaged, and healthy are plentiful at Lexington Square. Start each morning with a plan and view our activities calendar frequently.

Activity Calendars



Creating meaningful moments and experiences for our residents, families, and guests. Every day.

Our mission is to bring new ways to engage purposefully and discover new opportunities to laugh and find joy to all our visitors and residents. Our events and activities program, LexLife ™, offers more than opportunities to express yourself creatively. Connect with others and with nature, have fun, and stay fit in a relaxed, community culture.

We encourage residents and families to participate in surveys to help us learn what residents like to do and what they would like to try. Each of our beautiful communities has different clubs, and our activities and community outreach staff derive inspiration from residents to create a robust, customized calendar of events so everyone can learn, grow, and live in the ways best suited to them.

If a resident has an idea for a club or program, we collaborate with them in creating, developing, and leading it if they desire.

LexLife™ is about living and breathing an enriched, meaningful life with satisfying moments and opportunities for new experiences, every day.

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