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“I’m happy I’m here and my kids are happy I’m here,” said Larry Gage. The resident of Lexington Square in Lombard has lived at the senior living community for the past 11 years. Prior to that he was a resident of Wheaton for 50 years. Gage explained that he investigated retirement communities carefully before deciding to make Lexington his home. “I looked at more than 20 places around the country.  Lexington Square was the right decision,” he said, adding that there are many amenities and activities available. “I’ve been involved with fitness, Wi bowling, off-campus bus trips, and more.”

Gage has also been busy outside of Lexington Square. A long-time volunteer at the DuPage County Courthouse, Gage has assisted with weddings.  He reported that he has very much enjoyed his work. “Every Friday, there would be 30 or more couples getting married. The volunteers were the coordinators and kept the flow going,” he said. He commented that some couples would come in straight off the tennis courts while others would be beautifully dressed for the occasion. “People have come from all over the world. We’ve had Scottish groups come in wearing their kilts, and other people Facetiming during the ceremony with family around the world,” he said.  “On Valentine’s Day, we’d have a couple of extra judges because there would be 60-70 couples.” While his volunteer work has been suspended during COVID-19, Gage looks forward to going back. “It’s a happy time and happy volunteer job dealing with happy people,” he said.

Gage has also volunteered at DuPage Care Center for about 20 years. “I work in the crafts department with ceramics. My favorite job is to clean the ‘green’ ceramic, remove the imperfections, and get it ready for the resident to paint. Some items are sold, and the funds help keep the programs going,” he said. “Additionally, around election time, I’ve helped to register the residents to vote.”              ,

Gage said that while the months of the pandemic have been rough on everyone, he has felt safe and cared for at Lexington. He was especially pleased that he and his fellow residents were among the first people in Illinois to have had access to vaccinations.

“Living here at Lexington Square in Lombard is great. Everything is easily accessible, convenient, the food is great, and everybody is very nice,” he concluded.

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