Lexington Square Senior Living Communities Launch Lex and Learn Series

Home sales are happening at a frantic pace, and if you are in the game, it probably feels like the child’s game of musical chairs.  We hear and see stories of homes sold for well over their asking price throughout the country, and bidding wars are rampant. In Chicagoland, Lexington Square Senior Living Communities encourage seniors to take advantage of this robust market to secure their financial future.

After 17 months, Lexington Square held its first in-person guest seminars in their Lex and Learn Series, at both communities in Lombard and Elmhurst. The informative conversations with participants explored how an entrance fee community, such as Lexington Squares, is a great way to reduce your everyday living costs, ensure that your financial estate is protected, and plan for future healthcare expenses.

The Entrance Fee program at Lexington Square is a way to reduce your monthly costs with a return of capital of 90% or 55%. The higher your return once you leave the community, the lower your monthly fee while enjoying life with the services of a chef, chauffeur, maid, personal exercise coach, your own heated swimming pool, and special interest areas throughout the place you call home.

“We are proud that the annual increase in monthly fees has remained about 3%, and that covers all your living expenses enabling you to budget your living expenses easily,” said Dee Novak, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing. “Your monthly fee is often less than what it costs for you to stay in your own home because it includes your property taxes, home maintenance, transportation, meals, activities, and most outings.  

Jennifer Prell, an expert in senior services, recommends that you visit several places and choose the one that feels right for you. The community you choose should offer what you want, support, and services you can count upon. She assured guests who move to a senior living community are giving a gift to their family. No longer will loved ones need to worry about your diet, exercise, security, or opportunity to socialize. Jen is the owner of the not-for-profit organization, ElderWerks offers senior living coordination, advocacy, and education. She is also Founder and President of Paxem, a company that helps people with estate sales, right-sizing, and choosing the right place for your next move.

“With a market this hot, people wishing to move to a senior community should plan well ahead because most reputable moving companies are booking up to 12 weeks out right now,” said Prell. “If you are considering a move, keep it simple and only think about what you want to take with you. The rest of your ‘stuff’ is gifted, sold, or thrown away.” Since 2003, Prell helps seniors organize for a move, conduct estate sales, arrange for movers, and organize your new home. 

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