Lexington Square Senior Living Communities have their own influencers. Somewhat like Instagram and Twitter, Lexington Square Elmhurst and Lexington Square Lombard have their groups of fabulous individuals who can, with great authority and passion, promote the senior living communities based on their own experiences. On August 3 and 4, these influencers, which include the staff and residents of Lexington Square, participated in a photoshoot.

“One of the great and really unique facts about Lexington Square is that there’s amazing longevity on the part of our staff. That’s so unusual, especially for this industry. We have people who have been with us for many years. It’s because they love the residents; they look at them like family, and they look forward to spending their days with them. They are a great testament to the quality of services and care that Lexington Squares provide. Because they can speak with authority and experience, we consider them great influencers,” said Dee Novak, senior director, sales and marketing. ”So too are our valued residents who love their homes, their neighbors, their amazing lifestyles and our staff.  They relish the opportunity to share their wonderful experiences at Lexington Square with others.”

Because of COVID, it’s been a while since Lexington Square Senior Living Communities have been able to have a photoshoot showcasing their beautiful buildings and campuses and great amenities.  “This week seemed like the perfect time to update our photo galleries, showing all of the life and energy in our communities,” said Novak. “It was also a great way to showcase our wonderful staff and residents, who got to primp and preen a little for the camera, just like Internet influencers, but with a much more important purpose.”

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