The Advantages of Living Near A Big City Like Chicago
Health & Wellness
March 24, 2017

  There are real advantages to living near a major American city like Chicago. A city this size has things to offer you would never find in smaller towns and possibly not even in the largest cities in other states; unless you live outside New York City or Los Angeles.…

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Where to Find the Best Shopping in Chicago
Senior Lifestyle
February 13, 2017

All of the world’s well-known cities have their famous shopping districts where people flock to part with untold sums of money. Depending on who you’re talking to, and where they’re from, opinions vary wildly on where the best shopping can be found. But, you’d be hard-pressed – no matter who…

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Things To Do in Chicago for Seniors
Senior Lifestyle
October 28, 2016

  A Senior’s Guide to Exploring Chicago Chicago is one of the world’s great cities where year-round you can find new and exciting things to do no matter your interests or age. We will cover quite a few different activities you may enjoy, and provide you with links to all…

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