Welcome to the New & Improved Lexington Square

So there we were, cruising along, celebrating our 25th birthday, earning praise from our residents, their families, local newspaper readers and prominent industry associations like Life at Lexington Square was very good. But we knew it could be better.

While proud of our accomplishments and the respect we’ve earned within our industry and our community, we knew we were capable of taking Lexington Square to the next level. And that’s exactly what we have done.

With the help of some outside experts, some soul searching, some capital re-investment, and a whole lot of hard work, we are proud to say that we have reinvented ourselves for the next leg of our journey – and for yours.

Our Journey to Better

How do you take something that’s really good and make it even better? Our process started with conversation. We spoke at length with staff, our residents and their families. We listened to their concerns and their ideas. We also consulted with outside experts in senior living asking them for a thorough evaluation of our strengths and weaknesses.


The picture that emerged was encouraging. Our residents don’t just like living at Lexington Square – they love it here. But at the same time, we heard clearly that there are ways in which we can make life at Lexington Square even better for our residents. Namely, we learned that:

  • Our residents love feeling in control of their lives. They want to feel responsible for making the big and small choices that shape their lives.
  • Closely related to their desire for control, our residents love being presented with lots of choices.
  • Our residents take great joy in feeling independent. They love knowing that we’re always ready to take them out.
  • Closely related to mobility, our residents crave feelings of adventure, discovery and enjoyment that come with trips to the theatre, the opera, the movies, restaurants and other local attractions.

All this made sense to us. We further validated our findings with senior living experts. Then we took a step back and formulated a new and improved version of Lexington Square culture called LEXLIFE®.

What is LEXLIFE®?

LEXLIFE® is a senior lifestyle built on four themes: Comfort, Control, Mobility and Adventure – emotional needs that must be met for seniors to achieve a high degree of happiness and fulfillment in their daily lives.

In accordance with our Your Day, Your Way® philosophy, we surround our residents with great choices, and we encourage them to customize each day to their liking.

Our Hop In! everyday mobility program ensures that we’re always ready to take our residents where they want to go. Inside the building or out, we program and curate trips and tours that create ample opportunity for discovery, adventure and excitement.


We infuse each day with planned and spontaneous activities and experiences that give our residents endless reasons to smile.

Combined with the renowned Best Friends™ training program, LEXLIFE® creates the senior living experience that we would want for our family members. Because that’s exactly how we view our residents – as family members.

Our Story

Our story starts with a single family who wanted to improve the quality of life for seniors amidst the challenges that come with aging. From 1986 to today, we’ve built an organization with 10 health care centers, two independent life care communities and a home health care agency. Our Lexington family has 2,500 healthcare professionals and thousands of older adults who appreciate the value of being locally, family owned.

As a full-spectrum provider, Lexington Square can accommodate seniors at any stage or age — from independent seniors seeking a social, stress-free lifestyle – to those requiring special attention and skilled nursing.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit one of our communities we encourage you to do so and learn about us. Take a tour and have a chat with our staff and residents. Only then will you fully appreciate what we do and why we’re here.

Exclusive Benefits of Lexington Square

Lexington Square communities offer exclusive benefits to residents, making their lives far more enjoyable and safer.

Our Independent Living communities are elegant and livable. With bright atriums in a vertical setting, each resident can enjoy everything offered, from fine dining to the pool for friends and family, to numerous fun, educational and sometimes just social activities. Want to be alone?  Respite in your own studio, one- or two-bedroom apartment home.

With our Quick Buy Program, we’ll arrange for the cash sale of your house in 30 days so you can move into Lexington Square right away.  We even have a host of moving services to make it easy.

We offer an exclusive Memory Support Program provided by the Memory Training Centers of America.  Both clinical and preventative services met the needs of all stages of memory support.

Our entire system of two Continuing Care Retirement Communities and 10 stand alone skilled nursing centers are locally owned and managed by the same folks who first wanted to help older adults by building the Lexington Health Network.

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